The Darkness release video for new song “Rock And Roll Deserves To Die”

The Darkness release video for new song “Rock And Roll Deserves To Die”

UK rockers The Darkness have released a video for their new track “Rock And Roll Deserves To Die” from their upcoming new studio album titled Easter Is Cancelled, which will be released in October 2019.

Track List for Easter Is Cancelled:
01. Rock And Roll Deserves To Die
02. How Can I Lose Your Love
03. Live ‘Til I Die
04. Heart Explodes
05. Deck Chair
06. Easter Is Cancelled
07. Heavy Metal Lover
08. In Another Life
09. Choke On It
10. We Are The Guitar Men

The Darkness describe themselves as follows on their Facebook page:

The Darkness are a UK rock band currently eeking out an existence on the periphery of the world music scene. Surrounded by a team of highly paid professional technicians, our heroes battle irrelevance in obscurity, paying themselves a meagre minimum wage so as to keep it real.

The Darkness’ live performances have become legendary. Or mythological.

The absence of an official live DVD means you have to witness a show first hand before you are entitled to slag it off. Then, and only then, may you slag it off. I wager you won’t, because the Darkness will make you shit in your pants, in a good way.

I should know. I’m the singer.

Justin Hawkins

The Darkness‘ “Rock And Roll Deserves To Die” video:

The Darkness – Rock and Roll Deserves to Die (Official Video)

From the brand new album ‘Easter Is Cancelled’.Order the album now: CREDITS:Director – Sitcom SoldiersProducer – Sitcom…