The Darkness release video for track “In Another Life”

The Darkness release video for track “In Another Life”

UK rockers The Darkness have released a video for their song “In Another Life” from their latest studio album Easter Is Cancelled.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Easter Is Cancelled:

“If you are a fan of The Darkness, you will most likely enjoy this release. However, if you are not, I doubt that this will do much for you, as it lacks singles or hits. It is a very solid album from start to end and is a decent listen, but outside of the context of the album as a whole, I am curious to see how these tracks stand up over time along side of the rest of their catalog. The Darkness are currently playing the entire album from start to finish live in concert before playing a second set with songs from the rest of their catalog. Aside from maybe one, two songs at best, I cannot foresee songs from this album as being part of future live sets. The hit single or perennial fan favorite is nowhere to be found on this record, just a solid batch of album songs. There is a place for this amid The Darkness’ catalog, unfortunately it’s near the bottom of the pecking order with the incohesive Hot Cakes. Yes, it is worth a listen, but if you really want The Darkness at their finest, go back and give their last two studio albums a listen, Last of Our Kind and Pinewood Smile. There is certainly enough to like here, but nothing to love.”

The Darkness‘ “In Another Life” video:

The Darkness – In Another Life (Official Video)

From the brand new album ‘Easter Is Cancelled’, also includes ‘Heart Explodes’, ‘Rock and Roll Deserves To Die’ & ‘How Can I Lose Your Love’. Order/stream th…