The Deafening Release Full-Length Debut ‘Central Booking’

The Deafening Release Full-Length Debut ‘Central Booking’

January 12, 2013

Female fronted rock band The Deafening have released ‘Central Booking’, the band’s first full-length album. The ten track effort is now available for purchase at

This New York based group — Lena Hall (vocals), Burt Rock (guitar), Dylan Doyle (bass) and Mick Harrison (drums) — expertly fuses the gritty glam of the early seventies with the big bragging attitude of eighties’ sleaze rock and tops it off with the merrily deviant theatrical horror of groups like The Misfits and Alice Cooper. Full throttle riffs are doubled with haunting melodies and a raw bluesy backbeat. Songs such as “Evil Kiss” and “I’m So Bad” are instant classics for a band not afraid to crank it to 11 and keep it there. Recorded to tape with vintage gear inside a concrete cell at Nick Vivid’s studio on Bleeker Street, ‘Central Booking’ captures all the energy of a band that has absorbed the sound and history of the NYC music scene. (And perhaps as the album title suggests, some of it exploits as well…)

The Deafening assembled in early 2008 with two clear missions. First, the band intentionally shed nearly all the petty contrivances of popular modern rock by striping its sound to the raw heart of classic rock. Second, The Deafening seeks to earn its’ name by resurrecting the bombastic theater of the big live rock and roll show. Influences are numerous, and primarily counted as Guns N’ Roses, MC5, Iggy Pop, KISS, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Queen, and The Misfits. The band’s trademark is a unique blend of glam, horror, punk, blues and sleaze rock blasted through big guitar stacks, all while boasting one of the most interactive and memorable stage shows ever put together.

The Deafening are a band doing something different. In a music scene awash in acts desperately yearning to be unique, The Deafening succeeds by staying true to their mission. They have played with many of NYC’s top rock groups and at most of its best venues. This is an album, ‘Central Booking’, and a band that simply cannot be ignored.

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