The Deep End Release “No Time To Rest” Video

The Deep End Release “No Time To Rest” Video

September 15, 2013

A new powerhouse rock n’ roll band from Australia, The Deep End have released a video for “No Time To rest”, the second single from their new album ‘Cop This’.

The music video for “No Time To Rest” fires between shots of the band’s high energy live performance and the missions they undertake to get there. Never ones to take themselves too seriously, The Deep End’s newest video is a funnier and more insightful follow-up to their video for “Bigger. Better. Badder.” released in late 2012.

Available for purchase at, regarding ‘Cop This’ Sleaze Roxx stated that “these five rockers undeniably live up to the high standards set by those before them on their debut album – a CD overflowing with fist-pumping attitude.”

The Deep End begun as an idea over beers in a suburban Melbourne garage and quickly developed from after school jams engaging locals (whether they liked it or not) with AC/DC covers to writing and performing formidable rock songs of their own. Since their inception, The Deep End have built a loyal fan base in Australia playing numerous festivals, headlining their own sell-out shows nationwide and performing with Aussie giants such as Airbourne, The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Screaming Jets and Hoodoo Gurus.

The Deep End gained commercial radio exposure in Australia in a bid to support Bon Jovi, amounting to further interest from local rock fans that thickened their ranks. Their expanding following allowed them to record and release two independent EP’s over the first three years of the band forming, both of which received positive reviews across the local media.

In late 2011 The Deep End launched their ‘Your Shout’ EP to a full house at St. Kilda’s infamous Front Bar at The Espy. The Deep End then took their energetic live show around Australia and planted seeds with local audiences taking to the band, leaving them thirsty for more.

When asked to comment, Drum Media Perth said “The Deep End has a classic sound that would’ve dominated the ’03 revival and blasted the likes of Jet right off the stage” and The Hard Rock Show said “In a year where I’ve seen Slash, Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie and Slayer, one of the best live shows of 2011 was The Deep End’s EP Launch at The Espy Front Bar.”

The Deep End are currently touring their homeland of Australia yet again, before making their way over to Europe for a headlining tour in February 2014. For more info on the tough as nails Aussie rockers head to and

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