The Defiants complete demos for third studio album

The Defiants complete demos for third studio album

The Defiants featuring Danger Danger band members Bruno Ravel (bass, keyboards) and Rob Marcello (lead guitar) along with former lead vocalist Paul Laine have reportedly completed the demos for their third studio album. The group previously released the records, The Defiants (2016) and Zokusho (2019).

The following message was posted on Laine‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“Taking the first half of my day off and going for a long drive ..I need to go listen to this and see where we’re at – It’ll be my first “road test”, which is how I judge every album I’ve ever worked on – I wonder how many of you writers out there do the same thing?

Defiants 3 album marathon will be over soon – light at the end of the tunnel…

I’m actually nervous to listen to this , as a road test always gives you a good feel about a record – does it flow, have we forgotten anything – what needs a last minute rewrite before laying the bed tracks down and be forever committed to your decision.

It’s true you make music for everyone, but really, you make it for yourself first…

After this, Bruno, Rob and I begin the final 6-8 week marathon…

Gotta take my vitamins…”

The Defiants‘ “Hollywood In Headlights” single (from Zokusho album):