The Dirty Denims and bassist Marc Eijkhout parting ways

Photo by Willem Wouterse

The Dirty Denims and bassist Marc Eijkhout parting ways

Big news in The Dirty Denims camp as the Dutch rockers are parting ways with their bassist Marc Eijkhout. The Dirty Denims started in 2006 and their Achilles’ Heel appear to be their bassist position. In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in August 2020, guitarist Jerome Teunis indicated: “We are on our fifth or sixth bass guitar player now and this time, it’s a boy, a guy [Marc Eijkhout] on bass and a girl [Suzanne Driessen] on drums. The formation, the most steady one, was actually with the drummer. I think that he was with us for 10 years.” Teunis jokingly added: “Yeah, the bass players, every three years, they quit. I think because they want to do something else, Now, we have Marc on bass and Suzanne on drums. That’s the perfect…”

Eijkhout played bass on the following The Dirty Denims albums: Ready Steady Go! Part 1 EP (2019), Ready Steady Go! (2020) and Raw Denim (2021). He also mixed  and produced the record Raw Denim.

The following message was posted on The Dirty Denims‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“Dear rockers, after a good conversation we have some news to share: Marc and The Dirty Denims will part ways later this year.

It was a hard decision because he is a great match and we will miss his energetic bass playing. Marc will miss the fans a lot, but lives change and you only live once. Together we made this decision so Marc can focus on other important things in his life such as playing guitar, other music styles and his work as sound-engineer/producer.

We will start our search for a new bass player soon. Marc continues playing upcoming shows with us and when we know the date of his last gig we’ll inform you in advance. We hope to see you on the road this summer!


The Dirty Denims

Eijkhout also posted an explanation on his Facebook page today after The Dirty Denims‘ announcement:

“A single day has 24 hours. A week has 7 days. A year 365 days.

I feel like I have pushed myself way to far the last couple of months. I wanted to do a lot, but unfortunately I only have a battery that couldn’t kept running anymore. This led to the feeling that I needed to work on myself and my mental health.

This made me realise I wanted to play guitar more, make music that I can put my heart in. You know you lost your groove that when you go to a gig, and it feels like work. Have much I love the fans, the thrill of the crowd and the adrenaline of a show.

But I have a battery, that needs to go 24/7/365..

And when you play a gig, and your battery doesn’t recharge. You know it is time for a change…

Although my mind doesn’t want it…

My body does..

Mental health is important.

Know that I will be back with music. And again I love the fans and you guys got me through the last shows. I will be back with other bands and projects.

I just need to take some rest for myself right now.”

The Dirty Denims‘ “Ready Steady Go!” video: