The Dirty Denims unveil cover for upcoming new live album ‘Raw Denim’

The Dirty Denims unveil cover for upcoming new live album ‘Raw Denim’

Dutch rockers The Dirty Denims consisting of lead vocalist / guitarist Mirjam Sieben, guitarist Jeroen Teunis, bassist Marc Eijkhout and drummer Suzanne Driessen have unveiled the cover for their upcoming new live album Raw Denim, which will be available in December 2021.

The following message was posted on The Dirty Denims‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“Whoohooo…. Today we reveal the ALBUM TITLE and FRONT COVER for our upcoming album! AND, upcoming Friday we will release the first single, Fit In Stand Out (Recorded Live). Pre-save here and get the song 2 days earlier in your inbox:…/fit-in-stand-out-recorded-live

Why this title?

Raw Denim is a common name in the jeans industry. It’s exactly what its name suggests: denim in its purest form. Raw denim, also known as dry denim, refers to denim that hasn’t gone through any pre-washing or shrinking processes in production. Completely untreated, raw denim feels stiff at first but transforms over time. Most jeans in stores today have gone through some sort of pre-washing process to soften the fabric and reduce shrinkage post-wear and wash. And we think that’s exactly what this album will be for our music.

Album cover art

This will be the album cover art for the vinyl, and it will be quite the same for the CD. Photos by Willem Wouterse! And we are planning to release the album in December.

So: don’t forget to pre-save the first single, and be one of the first to hear it:…/fit-in-stand-out-

The Dirty Denims‘ “Band Not A Brand” video (from Ready Steady Go! album):