The Dust Coda release video for new song “Let Me Go”

The Dust Coda release video for new song “Let Me Go”

London, UK based rockers The Dust Coda have released a video for their new song “Let Me Go.”

The group’s “Biography” on its Facebook page indicates in part:

“Formed in 2015 around the nucleus of guitarist Adam Mackie and singer John Drake, The Dust Coda bring a rootsy, soulful, yet edge driven hard rock n roll sound.

Having honed their sound during 2016 in the studio with award winning producer Clint Murphy (Thunder, Manic Street Preachers, Devilskin), and on the road playing with the likes of British Lion, Dead Daisies and Black Stone CherryThe Dust Coda released their self titled debut album in October 2017….

Guitarist, Adam Mackie: ‘We have spent considered time framing up who we are, how we want to sound and what we do. Hopefully we will see that path of self-discovery pay dividends. We are by no means the finished article but we like our rough edges and we are READY! To put it simply, it’s time for people to discover The Dust Coda.'”

The Dust Coda‘s “Let Me Go” video:

The Dust Coda – Let Me Go (Official)

Let Me Go – the new single from The Dust Coda. Release date: 16th July 2018