The Erotics to release new studio album ‘Let’s Kill Rock ‘N Roll’ on July 20th

The Erotics to release new studio album ‘Let’s Kill Rock ‘N Roll’ on July 20th

New York rockers The Erotics consisting of frontman Mike Trash, drummer Johnny Riott, guitarist Doug Reynolds and bassist Tony Culligan will be releasing their new studio album Let’s Kill Rock ‘N Roll on July 20, 2020.

Track List for Let’s Kill Rock ‘N Roll:
01. Nothing To Sing About
02. Let’s Kill Rock N Roll
03. Lie My Way Into Hell
04. Monday Morning Meltdown
05. Head of The Low Class
06. You’re History
07. Scare Myself To Death
08. All Ripped Up
09. Wrong Kind of Love Song
10. Sweet Cyanide Kisses
11. Up To No Good
12. When You Fly Away
13. Snake in The Grass
14. Fighting Like Cats And Dogs

The Erotics‘ press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

“In early 2020, The Erotics began writing and rehearsing a batch of new songs set to become the band’s next record. As the songs streamed out of Mike Trash’s fret board, the band frantically rehearsed and defined all the details of the songs, working to batten down the hatches for the rapidly approaching studio date of Feb 20, 2020.

Of course, never being a band to play it safe, The Erotics decided to do the only sensible thing: throw caution to the wind and invite a contingent of dedicated fans to Don Fury Studio to take part in a live recording of 12…no make that 13…wait, on second thought, how about 14 brand new songs!

This is the record of that experience. Now let’s kill rock n roll.”