The Fifth replace bassist Franko with Jake Tripp

The Fifth replace bassist Franko with Jake Tripp

North Carolina rockers The Fifth featuring lead vocalist Roy Cathey (Cold Sweat) have announced the departure of their bassist Franko and his replacement Jake Tripp.

The following message was posted on The Fifth‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“What’s up FIFTH FAITHFULS! There’s been lots going on behind the scenes over the past couple weeks so let’s dig right into all the news…

Member changes are always difficult. They are painful and bittersweet but unfortunately part of the music business. With that being said we announce the departure of our brother Franko. Franko‘s “larger than life” personality will be greatly missed by all. Musical partnerships are complicated and change over time. Like any partnership everyone has to be on the same page. Franko recently decided to focus his talents in other musical ventures. We wish him all the success in the world and thank him for Rockin’ the stage with us for 6 years.


Everyone THE FIFTH is extremely excited to introduce you to our new Bass Player…

Mr. Jake Tripp

Jake is a well known and respected Bass player in the Southeastern Rock & Metal Community. Based in Nashville, NC he is known for his time in “Against their Will“. Jake has built a solid reputation in the region for his musical chops and “In your Face” stage presence.

He has a “Gritty” type of ‘Kick you in the teeth” playing style that will take THE FIFTH to another level and we are thrilled to have him on board. Jake also adds his talents to the bands Cultus Black, Summond and Abstractionist.

He is an endorsed artist for MEE Audio, Dirtbag Clothing and In Tune Guitar Picks.

Everyone please welcome Jake to THE FIFTH!

Jake‘s first show with us will be the upcoming Wolf Fest in Golden Colorado September 7th…”

The Fifth‘s “No Going Home” video:

THE FIFTH – No Going Home

Official video for The Fifth single, “No Going Home.” 2016 Vanity Music Group.