The full disclosure behind Sister Sin’s demise

The full disclosure behind Sister Sin’s demise

Sister Sin posterOne of the saddest news for Sleaze Roxx to report was the sudden demise of Swedish heavy metal band Sister Sin who had been featured in Sleaze Roxx and its readers’ year end top album lists for many years. Burnout was the main reason cited by Sister Sin at the time but it was difficult to get many more details in that regard shortly after the group’s abrupt end, likely because the wounds were still so fresh.

Back in November 2015, Sleaze Roxx interviewed Sister Sin‘s frontwoman Liv Jagrell who clearly did not see the break up coming and who was still interested in playing music. Jagrell stated during that interview: “…it’s just that we toured too much and we got burned out. That’s the simple answer. They just felt like they did not want to do this anymore. We can’t tour this… because it’s both economical and like we toured so many… This year, we had been out for almost four months or something so it’s a lot of time away from family. It’s a lot of time away from friends. And also just to survive in the business is hard so I think we maybe worked too hard in the last years [laughs].”

Jagrell went on to state in November 2015: “Absolutely. I am not giving up music. I will be back but I will not say anything more about the other members and to tell who wanted to continue to play and who did not want to play. But as for me, I am 100% sure that I will still be doing this. I just don’t know exactly how, what and where right now because this is very sudden and very just recent so I haven’t thought about that so much. I am still trying to understand that the band that I had for over ten years is not here anymore. I mean, it’s like a relationship. It’s like someone that you have been for that long. It takes time to think through and like just everything but I will be back in the music business for sure.”

The Sarge of Legendary Rock Interviews was able to recently interview all four Sister Sin band members to get to the bottom of what the hell happened to one of the best bands of the last decade and what appears to be the full disclosure behind the group’s demise.

Dave Sundberg photoSister Sin drummer Dave Sundberg stated the following to Legendary Rock Interviews: “Well, short version is: Strandh basically quit. Jimmy kinda lost motivation & wanted a break. We all went back & forth and I suggested at least a farewell tour since we didn’t know if we’re gonna get back together again. Figured that would be a nice ending. Strandh didn’t wanna do that either, which I pretty much knew, and then Jimmy didn’t wanna do it since Strandh bailed. I said Fuck it. It´s over! I think we were all a bit burned out and I just didn’t have it in me anymore to keep trying to motivate people. And that’s pretty much what happened. It sucks, but somehow that option seemed better than taking 8 months off just to find out Strandh, Jimmy or even me still didn’t wanna tour or be active. I didn’t want to put my life on hold waiting for folks to be motivated for something I considered to be fun.”

Sundberg commented on being upset about the break up: “Well, yeah, I used to for sure! This was my life’s baby. It’s been all I’ve known for 13 years pretty much. Those songs..the music..the body of work..means the world to me. It pissed me off the moment it ended but in retrospect though, I realized I felt the same way as the other guys. I was just so stubborn and so used to always hammer on no matter what; Album, Tour, Album, Tour, the constant social media thing & struggles with labels & god knows what. I actually feel a huge relief getting rid of all that stress. Now, when I can take a step back I realize we were dead in the water trying to survive & make a living in this so called “music business”.”

Liv Jagrell photoHindsight is always 20-20 but Sundberg offered the following words in terms of regrets: “Looking back, I believe we made a huge mistake focusing on the band being a full time job because it really ended up taking away a lot of the fun and the love for the music itself. Personally, I think Sister Sin is dead forever. We had a damn good run, released some awesome music I´ll always be proud of and I still love the others like family, so it’s all good!”

Jagrell stated the following to Legendary Rock Interviews about how the group ended: “After Mayhem, we had a couple local shows booked in Europe. Our very last gig was in Gothenberg. It was an absolute shit show from the start. Everything that could have went wrong did. Not the best location, turnout was pretty low, and the sound was trash. Lots of frustration in the band after that show, and I think it was just the final straw. We already knew after playing the Summer Breeze festival that Strandh was thinking of leaving, but he hung around for the Scandinavian shows after that and I guess I was just hoping he needed a break and then we’d move on as usual, but neither Dave or myself had any indication that we had just played our final show as Sister Sin. Jimmy seemed really down afterwards, but we just assumed it was nothing a couple months off the road wouldn’t cure. To this day it kills me to know that after 13 years of kicking ass, Sister Sin went out on a horrible note. It’s just not right. The band deserved a better ending.”

You can read the entire interview with all four Sister Sin band members at Legendary Rock Interviews.

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