The Glorious Sons Debut “Lightning” Video

The Glorious Sons Debut “Lightning” Video

April 12, 2015

The Glorious Sons have released a video for “Lightning”, the latest single from their Juno nominated album ‘The Union’.

After recording their debut EP (‘Shapeless Art’, 2013) with The Trews’ John-Angus MacDonald, they paired up once again to produce the lions share of ‘The Union’. MacDonald imparted a level of song-craftsmanship and experience that the band found invaluable. The results speak for themselves with an eclectic and cohesive collection of songs including the fist-pumping drivers “Hard Times” and “The Contender”, the epic “Lover Under Fire”, the chaotic title track “The Union” and the beautifully crafted album closer, “Amigo”.

“Working with John-Angus has been the honour of my life,” says singer Brett Emmons. “When you are able to push and pull with a hero of yours as well as listen and be heard, you get perspective on yourself and on your dreams.”

In addition to MacDonald’s contribution, the band also worked with famed Canadian super-producer Gavin Brown on two tracks — the lead single “Heavy” and the hopeful full-band ballad titled “Lightning”. The album also features re-mastered versions of the band’s two previous top ten singles, “Mama” and “White Noise”. The album was mixed by Werner F and Gus van Go.

“With this album, I wanted to create a feeling of nostalgia that would make people look back and wonder what they had missed,” says Emmons. “When I picked up my first guitar, I couldn’t help but sing. When I started singing, I couldn’t help but write. All I want is for people to hear this album, because I feel like we’ve been writing it our whole lives.”

Regarding ‘The Union’, released on September 16th, 2014, Sleaze Roxx stated, “Have I gone soft? I have wondered that myself as I have been playing The Union time and time again ever since acquiring it. Or perhaps, and this is the more likely answer, The Glorious Sons have delivered in The Union a record that transcends musical genres and can be appreciated by fans of just about every rock genre due to its sheer brilliance.”

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