The Guilty release new song “Evelyn” for streaming from upcoming new album

The Guilty release new song “Evelyn” for streaming from upcoming new album

Aussie rockers The Guilty featuring singer Alex Atic and multi-instrumentalist Scotty Gregory have released a new song entitled “Evelyn” for streaming from their upcoming new album Rock On, which is due sometime in 2017.

The Guilty have already released a video for the title track of their new upcoming album.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of The Guilty‘s previous Guilty As Charged album: “Australian rockers The Guilty provide an interesting debut album. The first half of the album Guilty As Charged is quite good providing in your face rock n roll with some layers before the band kind of goes overboard and loses its way in the latter portion of the album.

To call The Guilty “a band” is a real stretch given that this is a one-man show or at best a two-man show. You see, Scotty Gregory does everything on Guilty As Charged except handle the lead vocals. Drums, bass, guitars, background vocals, production — you name it, Gregory handles it on Guilty As Charged. Alex Atic only provides the lead vocals.”

The Guilty’s “Evelyn” song:

The Guilty – EVELYN (Scotty Gregory-All Instruments B/Vox, Alex Atic(Lyrics & Vocals)

No Description

The Guilty‘s “Do Yu Luv Meh?” song:

Do Yu Luv Meh (Alex Atic -Vocals /Lyrics- Scotty Gregory All Instruments & backing Vocals)

No Description

The Guilty‘s “Burnout Baby” song:

Burnout Baby (Final Mix) Alex Atic- Lyrics/Vocals, Scotty Gregory-All Instruments & Car FX

Mixed And Produced by Scotty Gregory