The Guilty’s new studio album ‘Dirty Money’ available for free download

The Guilty’s new studio album ‘Dirty Money’ available for free download

Aussie rockers The Guilty featuring singer Alex Atic and multi-instrumentalist Scotty Gregory have released their third studio album titled Dirty Money and it’s available for free downloading via the group’s Bandcamp page.

Track List for Dirty Money:
01. Dirty Money
02. Hit The Town
03. Coming Of Age
04. Lifes Highway
05. Burnout Baby (Re Recorded)
06. I Can Feel It
07. Days Gone By (Re Recorded)
08. Distorted
09. Far Que
10. Hell On Wheels
11. Dead Pretty

Lead vocalist Alec Attic states: “Our debut album Guilty As Charged had the raw energy and tough edge we were looking for as a hard rock band. We followed this up with our second album Rock On where we came up with a more blues and classic rock feel. In a sense we got closer to our musical souls with this album and we came up with several anthemic songs that work well live. This third album for us is a culmination of continuing to foster our musical souls but also reintroducing that tough edge from our earlier songs. The album was conceived and inspired by our surroundings in Sydney. A faded star, once brilliant, now dimmed by the greedy grasp of the influential and powerful few. A place with memories and a mournful soul, looking for its redemption.”

The Guilty‘s “Dead Pretty” song:

The Guilty- Dead Pretty

Music By Scotty Gregs Vocals & Lyrics By Alex Atic