The Iron Maidens plan on recording new album with current line-up

The Iron Maidens plan on recording new album with current line-up

The all-female Iron Maiden tribute band, The Iron Maidens, consisting of guitarists Courtney Cox and Nikki Stringfield, bassist Wanda Ortiz, drummer Linda McDonald and lead vocalist Kirsten Rosenberg, were recently interviewed by Pure Grain Audio and asked whether there was any new in the works for the band including new recordings.

Ortiz stated, “We plan to record a new CD with our current line-up.” McDonald advised, “We are hoping for all that you mentioned! We were due to record a new CD with all the current members last year but I was involved in a car accident which resulted in surgery and put me out of commission for between 6-9 months, so, unfortunately, that recording got postponed until I am fully recovered. We are hoping to do this by the end of this year now. You can look for new female Eddie-like monsters too!” Cox added, “There have been talks of recording a new CD and there are always new merch designs being thrown around, especially for this Canada tour we are about to embark on.”

The Iron Maidens were asked whether they struggle with their identity and wanting to do their own original material and showcase it. Ortiz advised, “No, I don’t but I do find it odd that only people in tribute bands seem to get asked that question. Playing in a tribute band really isn’t much different than playing in an orchestra (which I also do) because you’re still playing music written by someone else. I actually enjoy playing music written by a wide variety of different composers, and it doesn’t stop me from writing my own music which I’ve done before in original bands. From time to time, I’ll still write music for fun and who knows, maybe one day you might hear it. ☺”

McDonald added, “Never, ever. I’ve been in plenty of original bands up until I got involved with The Iron Maidens. Nothing but original music (with some covers added in the set). I fulfilled my little dream of getting signed and recording on a major label (Shrapnel, Roadrunner, and Geffen Records) and touring abroad with my own band, Phantom Blue, a while back, so anything more was just icing on the cake! 🙂 We all put a bit of our own stamp on the Maiden tunes we play though, but not enough to change the vibe of the original masterpiece. I would be lying if I said I don’t have original material I’d like to get out someday, but most of it really is geared for a completely different genre of music. And I’d probably be more of the writer than a performer, but I would be down to play some original tunes again in the heavy genre! Hit me up!!!!”

Stringfield who recently released her debut solo single “As Chaos Consumes” opined, “I think if you want to do your own thing you definitely can. You can always create a balance. I love playing Maiden songs and being in a Maiden tribute, but I also enjoy making my own music as well. Of course, you get associated with the band but I think people still like to hear something original if possible. I’m actually writing and recording original music right now in my downtime, and it’s working out great!”

Rosenberg advised, “Not me, I’m not a musical genius or a poet, so I don’t have a burning desire to express myself through originals. However, doing the occasional original is fun–I’ve done that before, and it is rewarding to share it with an audience–but my true joy comes from performing in front of a crowd that is already totally into it–it’s a communal experience! Although sometimes when boarding a plane I try to enter the cockpit and take control–haha, my Bruce Dickinson identity crisis.” Finally, Cox who plays in Femme Fatale and the newly formed The Starbreakers stated: “No, I do my own originals and other bands on my own time. The Maidens do not tour months on end so when I have down time, I focus my time on other projects.”

You can read the rest of the interview with The Iron Maidens at Pure Grain Audio.

The Iron Maidens playing “Aces High” at London Islington on April 14, 2016:

‘Aces High’ – The Iron Maidens Live @ London Islington 14-Apr-2016

The Iron Maidens came home to London – for their first time – to kick off their 2016 Euro Tour and m/ the London Islington O2 Academy.