The Jet 65 Release Second Video From New EP

The Jet 65 Release Second Video From New EP

September 30, 2012

With Gasoline 67 on hiatus, guitarist Paul Jet has formed a new side project called The Jet 65. The group recently released their debut EP ‘Dirty Water’ through iTunes and have posted a second video from the album for the title track.

Paul Jet told, “I had been wanting to do something with a little more room to move… something not so straight 3 chord rock that Gasoline 67 had become. The new project is more blues/indie, sorta lo-fi… it’s fun, no stress, and we’re all in the same town and it’s just very lo key. It’s been getting a killer response, so I’m not sure were it’s going to end up. We just finished the EP, shot the video and are getting the live thing together… so I guess we will see.”

The Jet 65 is rounded out by Kenny Alexander on vocals (also the frontman in Chase Saturn and Darkhaus) and drummer Dj Ridick. You can join The Jet 65’s mailing list at

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