The L.A. Maybe release lyric video for new single “She’s Reckless”

The L.A. Maybe release lyric video for new single “She’s Reckless”

The L.A. Maybe consisting of lead vocalist Alvi Robinson, guitarists Dallas Dwight and Drizzle Silvera, keyboardist Josh Thompson, bassist Rahsaan Lacey and drummer Ryan Fosnow have released a lyric video for their latest single “She’s Reckless” from their debut full-length album Dirty Damn Tricks.

Track List for Dirty Damn Tricks:
01. Mr. Danger
02. Sucker Punch
03. Oh Sugar
04. She’s Reckless
05. Peace of Mind
06. When I’m Gone
07. Take Me Away
08. Sweet
09. Fake
10. Up Next To You

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Dirty Damn Tricks including the track “She’s Reckless”:

“I had mentioned that if all of the songs were as good as “Mr. Danger”, this would likely be the album of the year. Unfortunately and although there are a couple more really good songs such as “Sucker Punch” (the second single), “Oh Sugar” (the third single) and “She’s Reckless” (what should be the fourth single), the latter half of the album just isn’t as strong and unable to carry the momentum of those first four songs. To their credit, The L.A. Maybe are no AC/DC clones despite having a singer that could likely easily handle any song in the AC/DC repertoire. There is also a big difference in that the group has a full-time keyboardist so even the more rocking sound seem to have some keyboards on them.”

The L.A. Maybe‘s “She’s Reckless” lyric video: