The L.A. Maybe release lyric video for single “Peace of Mind”

The L.A. Maybe release lyric video for single “Peace of Mind”

The L.A. Maybe consisting of lead vocalist Alvi Robinson , guitarists Dallas Dwight and Drizzle Silvera , keyboardist Josh Thompson , bassist Rahsaan Lacey and drummer Ryan Fosnow have unveiled a lyric video for their single “Peace of Mind” from their debut full-length album Dirty Damn Tricks, which was released back on March 30, 2021.

TAG Publicity‘s press release indicates (with slight edits):

“Carolinas based heavy rock band The L.A. Maybe — fronted by lead singer Alvi Robinson, made famous when he was nearly selected to front the legendary band AC/DC in 2016 — have released the official lyric video for their uplifting, anthemic new single, “Peace of Mind.” Designed by Dallas, the band chose a lyric video for “Peace of Mind” to focus on the lyrics and message of the song.

“’Peace of Mind’ is a song about struggling with addiction. Battling your inner demons can be hard, but we all just want to come out the other side with a little peace of mind. More than anything, this song is a message of hope. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!” – Dallas Dwight

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Dirty Damn Tricks including the track “Peace of Mind”:

“I had mentioned that if all of the songs were as good as “Mr. Danger”, this would likely be the album of the year. Unfortunately and although there are a couple more really good songs such as “Sucker Punch” (the second single), “Oh Sugar” (the third single) and “She’s Reckless” (what should be the fourth single), the latter half of the album just isn’t as strong and unable to carry the momentum of those first four songs. To their credit, The L.A. Maybe are no AC/DC clones despite having a singer that could likely easily handle any song in the AC/DC repertoire. There is also a big difference in that the group has a full-time keyboardist so even the more rocking sound seem to have some keyboards on them. After the first four stellar tracks, “Peace of Mind” slows things down quite a bit before picking up for the chorus section. I am really on the fence for this one. I like the faster paced and catchy chorus portion but those slow and rather dull verses make this a “skippable” track.

Sadly, The L.A. Maybe follow the “skippable” track “Peace of Mind” with another ballad “When I’m Gone.” Although Robinson sounds good and this might qualify as a weaker Tesla type ballad, my interest is starting to wane at this point. Thankfully, “Take Me Away” picks up the pace and gets the album back on track. However, even if you removed the two aforementioned slower songs, “Take Me Away” would still be one of the weaker tracks on the album. “Sweet” is a remnant from the band’s EP and another slower to mid-tempo track with an almost a tinge of country. “Fake” picks up the pace but after four questionable songs, this one doesn’t really capture my attention. It’s only when the album closer “Up Next To You” comes on that my interest is engaged. The singing on the track is interesting because there are backing vocals repeating certain words that Robinson sings during the verses. This could work out into a terrific live track for the band with those singalong opportunities.”

The L.A. Maybe‘s “Peace of Mind” lyric video: