The Last Vegas Debut “Come With Me” Video

The Last Vegas Debut “Come With Me” Video

October 22, 2013

Chicago rock band The Last Vegas have released a music videeo for “Come With Me”, the latest song off their upcoming full-length album ‘Sweet Salvation’, available Spring 2014. The song will also be available as a free download via their Facebook page at

Regarding the new video the band stated, “We paired back up with our good buddy Whitewall Jones, who directed our video for “Other Side”. We started to explain what we were going for conceptually, and Whitewall finished the sentence for us. He got it right off the bat. ’60s, go-go, acid trip with some good old fashion rock from the groin. Let’s make it ‘f*cked up’. That was the plan.

So we packed up the van, and headed far east out of the city into a small Indiana town, literally in the middle of nowhere. A good friend lent us her barn and we set up shop with one camera. Stripped down, bare bones. Took a bunch of stuff laying around and created a barn-stage. We drove around in our van looking for scenes of good ol’ fashioned midwest farm country. Back to the earth, back to the midwest small towns in which we all grew up where the people are strong and with faith. Where the locals are nice enough to literally lend you their car for the day (see that rippin’ purple Barracuda in the video? Yup, that dude owned the local general store, just happened to have it in the parking lot, and lent it to us for the afternoon). Come With Me, dude. Don’t find that kind of hospitality in the big-city.

We filmed all day in old churches, old thrift shops, flea markets, dusty roads. Then at night we made a massive bon-fire, filmed more, trying to just make it as messed up as we could. Screw perfection, let’s capture imperfection. And may have guzzled some country moonshine, smashed and sacrificed a drum set to the epic fire in hopes the rock spirits would smile upon our efforts for the day. We think they did.”

The Last Vegas ran a successful fundraising campaign through PledgeMusic in order to complete ‘Sweet Salvation’. Working with producer Roy Z, the band decided to delay the release of the new album in order to reach new and old fans alike. Due to the delay the group decided to release the ‘Z’ EP to fans who helped them reach their fundraising goal.

The Last Vegas will kick off their latest tour tomorrow in Barcelona, Spain. A full list of tour dates can be found at

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