The Lizards Release New CD And DVD Simultaneously


August 18, 2008

Classic Rockers The Lizards Release New CD and DVD Simultaneously

Neo-Clasic Rock afficiandos The Lizards have released a new DVD and CD simultaneously, much to the elation of their devoted fanbase worldwide. Featuring drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow/Black Sabbath/BOC) and vocalist/keyboardist Mike DiMeo (Riot/Masterplan), along with bassist Randy Pratt (who also plays harp with Cactus) and guitarist Patrick Klein, The Lizards have released 4 critically aclaimed albums and two live DVDs in the past 4 years. The band’s 2006 release ‘Against All Odds’ has garnered rave reviews from the music press worldwide, catapulting The Lizards into legendary status!

“I consider it a crime not to check out these hot sounding reptiles!” – Metalliville, UK

The Lizards new live DVD entitled ‘4.2.11’ (an inside nod to ‘Spinal Tap’), features the band in top performance at various locations and is peppered throughout with new interviews. “The gig at B.B. King’s was us opening for Cactus, the band I play harp in,” explains band leader and bassist Randy Pratt. “The Farmingdale, NY gig, we were opening for Zebra. The German gig, we were on tour with UFO, and Sweden Rock was Sweden Rock. We were well seasoned and fired-up at these gigs. There are songs from all our CDs on the DVD, including some rarely played live.” The performances featured on the new DVD were filmed with multiple cameras for maximum visual excitement.

“These hard rockin’ Lizards have slithered their way to the top of the new ‘original’ classic rock heap. Like their alien counterparts they are simply out of this world!” – Nightwatcher’s Rock Blog

In conjuction with the release of The Lizards live DVD comes a new studio CD comprised of classic rock covers called ‘Archeology’, in which the band rocks new life into each legendary song. “For The Lizards this album is a love letter to our youth,” says Pratt. “Heavy as hell, with a sleazoning of blues, these are great songs by great bands” Songs include “Fire and Water” (Free), “Head First” (The Babys), ‘I’m Mad” (John Lee Hooker), “Juke It” (Boomerang), “Thunder Box” (Humble Pie), “Tramp” (Stray Dog), “The Wizard” (Uriah Heep) and “One More Heartache” (Detective).

The Lizards ‘4.2.11’ DVD and ‘Archeology’ CD are available from the bands official website as well as, CDBaby, and iTunes. The Lizards have also resumed work on their fifth studio CD of originals titled ‘Reptilicus Maximus’. “You can see Rick Klemann’s breathtaking new cover art on our website. So far we’ve got nine ambitious new opuses down. The CD will be out sometime in 2009.”

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