The Lust Boys Premiere Video For “Spred Yur Legz”


September 20, 2009

Vancouver Island’s The Lust Boys present their debut video for the song “Spred Yur Legz”. The song appeared on the band’s 2008 Purple Leopard Print EP and the video was directed by Tony Brown.

Hailing from Victoria BC, Jayme Black, through trials and tribulations perfected the right chemistry to bring balls back to rock’n’roll…

In a fury of ecstasy, Lust was born.

Lust in 2006, started creating some of the most seductive and destructive sleaze rock to come out of Canada’s west coast since the mid 1980s. With songs like “Bring me 2 my Kneez” and “Spred yur Leggz”, Lust showed true diversity and creativity within their music. Their 2008 EP “Purple Leopard Print” release enforces their “balls to the wall” attitude and “punch you in the face” integrity that sets them apart from the rest. Taking influence from a wide scope of life experiences and musical influences, they have created a sound best described as charged sleaze.

In mid 2008, Lust had their way as the house band for the Red Jacket in Victoria for six months. This experience and with the help of the staff of the Red Jacket, Lust created an annual sleaze event, Lustapalooza. Lustapalooza is a showcase debuting up and coming rock’n’roll bands from Victoria, as well as headlining performance from Lust themselves. Planning for Lustapalooza 2009 is currently underway.

Lust left the Red Jacket to record their first EP with Infiniti Studios. The Purple Leopard Print EP features some of the slickest guitar licks, solos and attitude, as well as includes live sex, recorded in studio for samples in the song “Spred yur Leggz”. With all the in studio antics, and mayhem, Lust’s producer went into cardiac arrest and died for a brief period of time. After recording, Lust launched into the local music scene with a gritty ‘Get the Girls, and the Guys will follow’ attack. Lust has stood their ground, and their fans have stood strong with them.

On the eve of 2009 Lust brought in the New Year at Victoria’s premiere strip club, Monty’s Showroom Pub. This sleazy start to 2009 brought Lust into the New Year with new fans and friends thirsty for more. The Lust Boys have also released their first Music video in 2009 of Spred yur Leggz that can be view at

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