The Madcap drop video for new single “Soundcheck”

The Madcap drop video for new single “Soundcheck”

Turkish rockers The Madcap consisting of lead vocalist İzgi Gültekin, guitarists Deniz Sayman, bassist GR Cagdas Dogru and drummer Efe Okay haver unveiled a video for their latest single “Soundcheck.”

Gültekin and Sayman co-founded The Madcap back in May 2015. In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in June 2016, Sayman explained how and why the band got formed. Sayman indicated:

“When we wanted to go out and listen a rock band, there were no bands. Of course, there are some concerts and local bands gigging sometimes but it is once in a few months. So we decided we should do something, especially for ourselves. We started as a YouTube cover project, metalizing pop songs, guitar covers, gear reviews, etc. So when we decided to release our originals, there would be people following us and ready to hear our music. Also, we thought maybe this way we could pull Turkish audiences to rock gigs and while playing those covers, we could make them learn rock classics and love them more. When we got together and talked about what else we wanted to play, there were Skid Row, Mr.Big, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Whitesnake and modern bands like Santa Cruz, Reckless Love, Airbourne on the agenda.

Our first gig was 50% our YouTube pop music metalized covers, 50% ’80s and modern glam/hard rock covers. It was a great gig for us because the audience were banging their heads on the real rock songs. They enjoyed them much more. We learned that there were people like us, who missed the ’80s music and were hungry for real music. So we removed most of the YouTube covers and added even more ’80s classics.”

The Madcap‘s “Soundcheck” video: