The Madcap planning to release new album ‘Beat The Destiny’ on November 3rd

The Madcap planning to release new album ‘Beat The Destiny’ on November 3rd

Turkish rockers The Madcap, consisting of lead vocalist İzgi Gültekin, guitarists Deniz Sayman, bassist GR Cagdas Dogru and drummer Efe Okay, are planning to release their new studio album Beat The Destiny on November 3, 2023.

Track List for Beat The Destiny:
01. Rock N’ Roll Generation ft. Tommy Johansson (03:55)
02. Soundcheck (04:19)
03. Sole Survivor (04:43)
04. Tears of Another Day (04:12)
05. Do You Even Lift? (04:26)
06. Livin’ in a Crime Scene (04:01)
07. Ladies Night (03:39)
08. All or Nothin’ (04:46)
09. One More Chance (04:56)

The following message was posted in part on The Madcap‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“When we wrote the first demo 6 years ago, we knew that this day would eventually come. What we didn’t know though was how tough the journey was gonna be, everyday was going to be a different fight, we were going to have to push our emotional and physical limits until the end..

We’ve put our minds, hearts and souls into our new album “Beat the Destiny”. We wanted to bring all of our dreams to life so that we and YOU could be proud of it! We wanted to shout out what we can actually offer to the world!

We are not only VERY excited to be sharing this album at last in CD, LP and digital formats but it fills our eyes with tears as well… Did we really make it? After all these years, we can proudly release our album!

Our new song Rock N’ Roll Generation features Tommy Johansson from Sabaton, Majestica and YouTube, Tarkan Gözübüyük from Pentagram a.k.a Mezarkabul and Beşiktaş Kids Choir.

Album is mixed by Finnish engineer Jesse Vainio, mastered by Finnish engineer Svante Forsback, cover and merch are designed by Brazilian designer Gustavo Sazes.

Click the link below to pre-order our new album in CD, LP and digital download formats along with the merchandise to be the first owner in the world!

The Madcap‘s “Soundcheck” video: