The Madcap release debut album ‘The Madcap Rising’

The Madcap release debut album ‘The Madcap Rising’

Turkish glam rockers The Madcap have released their debut album The Madcap Rising earlier this month.

The group’s press release states (with slight edits):

After 25 years, a Glam Rock album has been released in Turkey. Standing on the fun side of Rock Music with their long hair, glamorous colorful costumes and high energy stage performance, female fronted The Madcap has released its first album “The Madcap Rising” under “Arpej Yapım” label with the co-production of Alen Konakoğlu, Deniz Sayman and İzgi Gültekin. The music video of “Put The Blame On Me” was introduced on May 19, a week before the release of the album and The Madcap Rising was released on May 26.

The Madcap Rising” is made up of 10 songs, written by the band’s lead guitar player Deniz Sayman and the lead singer, İzgi Gültekin contributed to several of them. The album contains 1 Turkish and 9 English songs. The only Turkish song is a “Bonustrack”, as a reference to İzgi Gültekin’s past music career. Some other album songs “Aces In My Hand”, “Stepped On A Lego” and “Rock N’ Roll Revolution” were released as singles / music videos the previous year.

The Madcap was formed in May 2015. The band became semi-finalist in the Rising Star 2015, a TV Show aired on TV8 and they launched the single “Stepped On A Lego” on Rising Star 2016 as a guest act.

The Madcap was elected first in Turkey with the votes of the jury and the audience in the Hard Rock Rising, which is a global music contest of the world-famous Hard Rock Cafe chain. The band performed to an audience of 30.000 in Turkey’s biggest festival organization Zeytinli Rock Festival 2016 and opened Çukurova Rock Fest 2017. The band also toured Turkey and gave concerts in Antalya, Adana, Eskişehir, İzmir, Ankara and İstanbul in May to launch their album, “The Madcap Rising“.

The Madcap consists of İzgi Gültekin (singer), Deniz Sayman (guitar), Erman Erkılınç (bass) and Faruk Şenel (drums).”

Track List for The Madcap Rising:
01. Storm The Road
02. Put The Blame On Me
03. Rock N’ Roll Revolution
04. Footsteps In The Sand
05. Stepped On A Lego
06. Long Island Blues
07. Almighty Fear
08. Question Of a Lifetime
09. Aces In My Hand
Bonus Track:
10. 3 2 1 (Turkish)

The Madcap‘s “Rock N’ Roll Revolution” video:

The Madcap – Rock N’ Roll Revolution

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