The Madcap release video for “Footsteps In The Sand”

The Madcap release video for “Footsteps In The Sand”

Turkish glam rockers The Madcap consisting of lead vocalist İzgi Gültekin, guitarist / keyboardist Deniz Sayman, guitarist Selçuk Eser, bassist Doruk Balkaya and drummer Faruk Şenel have released a video for their song “Footsteps In The Sand” from their debut album The Madcap Rising.

A second album is currently in production and slated for release later this year.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of The Madcap Rising:

“Say what you will about Steel Panther, they are among the very best at coming up with catchy hooks and melodies in the last ten plus years. When I heard The Madcap‘s debut single “Rock N’ Roll Revolution” more than a year ago, I thought that this was a band — or really an individual in guitarist Deniz Sayman — that could potentially rival Steel Panther in terms of writing catchy hooks, melodies and cool guitar riffs. As it turns out, The Madcap‘s guitarist Deniz Sayman is definitely a good songwriter but not quite at the level that Steel Panther have attained. That being said, he does write catchy tunes with some good variations just like Panther do but sometimes, a little more work is needed to get the songs to that next level.”

The Madcap‘s “Footsteps In The Sand” video:

The Madcap – Footsteps In The Sand

The Madcap’ın, Arpej Yapım etiketiyle yayınlanan “The Madcap Rising” albümünde yer alan “Footsteps In The Sand” isimli şarkısı, video klibiyle netd müzik’te….

The Madcap‘s “Rock N’ Roll Revolution” video:

The Madcap – Rock N’ Roll Revolution

The Madcap’in, Arpej Yapım etiketiyle yayınlanan “Rock N’ Roll Revolution” isimli tekli çalışması, video klibiyle netd’de.netd Müzik Facebook: http://www.fac…