The Matlocks Ready To Start European Tour


September 25, 2007

Now it’s just one week til we fly off to the continent to do our third european tour. The first with our new setting. It’s been sort of a quiet year for us so far, recording new material for our coming album and getting ready for the tour. But now we are ready to blow your head off! It’s gonna be a mean Glam-Slam-Pilsner-Rock Explosion that you don’t want to miss.

Just, bring your money and come to the club and for a dirty, sweaty, sexy mother -*”@% show in the name of PILSNER ROCK!

Remeber: Pilsner Rock is good for Pilsner Punks!

See you!
The Matlocks

07-10-02: Stak Reloaded, Schmolln Germany
07-10-03: White trash fast food, Berlin Germany
07-10-04: Go Go Club Munster, Germany
07-10-05: Movement Lubeck, Germany
07-10-06: Jacobshof, Aachen, Germany
07-10-07: Cafe Limba Villingen, Germany
07-10-09: Route 66 Zagreb, Croatia
07-10-10: Helden Bar Zurich, Switzerland
07-10-11: Madly Pub Castelnovo, Piacenza, Italy
07-10-12: Route 66 Novi Sad, Serbia
07-10-13: Mojo Club Senta, Serbia
07-10-16: Doven Rainbow Sheffield, UK
07-10-17: Black Market Warsop, UK
07-10-18: Marrs Bar Worcester, UK
07-10-19: Riffs Bar Swindon, UK
07-10-20: Schlappohr Grossefehn, Germany

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