The Music Community Remembers Kevin DuBrow


November 26, 2007

The music community remembers Quiet Riot vocalist Kevin DuBrow:

Kevin DuBrow

I want to thank everyone for the hundreds of condolences that I’ve received in honor of Kevin which continues to pour in. With Kevin’s passing a very large part of my life and my history has come to end and I can’t imagine life without his presence.
I’ve not slept. There is such a void in every part of my life now. I can’t find any words to say that make any sense of it. I can’t fix this, I can’t change this and I’m expected accept the unbearable. I can’t utter a sentence or think of my dear friend or even say his name without a flood of tears.
I can’t stand that I won’t hear his voice on the phone.
I can’t stand that I won’t step on a stage with him again.
I can’t stand that I won’t share another day with him.
I can’t stand that I won’t sit across from him laughing.
I can’t stand to go past the room and see the awards we earned and shared.
I can’t stand that life is forever changed.
I can’t stand that I can’t change this.
I can’t stand that I have to accept this.
This is a picture that Kevin sent to me on May 24, 2007. It was taken in 1993 after we had reconciled and started working together again and when he sent it to me he called to say that this is how he will always like to remember us as friends. A relationship in life that continued until now. I want to remember my dear Kevin in life like this rather than in his passing.
Frankie Banali – Quiet Riot

Frankie Banali and Kevin DuBrow

All of us are in shock trying to deal with this. The last thing you expect when you get up in the morning is something like this. He was somebody who really loved life. He loved to have fun and have a great time. Every day to him was like a party – that’s what it was like when I played with him.
I think he’ll be remembered for being a hell of a rock singer. He was definitely one of the best singers of the ’80s
Rudy Sarzo – Quiet Riot

How can this be, my dear friend, band mate, and comrade KD is gone.I’m completely shocked and devastated. I’ve truly lost a brother and it’s a very sad loss for the world of rock n’ roll. I’m so very fortunate to have been a part of his life these past 26 years. I have so many fond memories and it’s a blessing that these recent years have been so great with the band. There is no reason to say “I wish we could have …we did!” I still can’t believe I won’t be sharing the stage with his larger than life presence ever again. The man left a mark wherever he went and I’m heartbroken that he is no longer with us.
Chuck Wright – Quiet Riot

I really don’t know where to start, At this point I am sure that you have all heard the tragic news. Kevin was a beautiful soul and I feel more than fortunate to have known, worked and learned from him. Kevin was always a positive influence in what sometimes can be a very negative business. I am proud to have called him my friend, and always will be.
Kevin DuBrow was a true lover of music and was EXTREMELY dedicated to his craft. I am honored to have been part of a band that changed the face of hard rock forever and to have been given the opportunity to play, write, and most importantly be part of his life. He will be forever missed.
Alex Grossi – Quiet Riot/Beautiful Creatures

I was lucky enough to work with Kevin DuBrow on the last Quiet Riot CD and I was very shocked to hear of his passing. He was a true music lover and enjoyed life more than most. My thoughts go out to his Family and friends and especially to his band mates, Frankie Banali, Chuck Wright and Alex Grossi. RIP Kevin my friend.
Neil Citron – Quiet Riot

Kevin Dubrow and Quiet Riot were a huge part of my early years, we had some great times together, when he was in a good mood there was nobody more fun to be around. Kevin and I got together at the Rocklahoma festival and talked out all our differences, we hugged and I caught his show and when his set was over he grabbed me and took me into his dressing room and it was just like old times, we had a great time. He was a changed man, he was very cool to me, and fun to be around, and had a good outlook on life, I can’t believe he’s passed away!
It doesn’t seem possible, this is a horrible shock to me, I will miss him and that huge voice. There was only one KEVIN DUBROW!
Greg Leon – Quiet Riot/Dokken

No need to state the obvious. First off I want to thank all of you who either called or emailed me. I’m sorry I can’t respond to them individually as it would be a huge endeavor. I also want to thank everyone who refrained from jumping to conclusions and starting rumors. This has been a very traumatic tragedy to me and because of the fireworks usually associated with Kevin, I was expecting an avalanche of negativity that both me and Frankie usually have to deal with. And I’m happy to say that for the most part, everyone did nothing but express good feelings. Unfortunately what negativity that did occur was internal and while inconvenient , I was able to handle.
On Sunday, while I was working I got a phone call from Kevin’s home security company. It was at about 3:15 in the afternoon. I am the only one who gets a call when ever his alarm goes off and usually I go to his house and let the guards in to check things out. However, Kevin had had his front doors replaced a few weeks ago and I did not yet have a key so I told them to send the guards and if there was a problem I would go there and take care of it. They also told me that Kevin’s voice mail was full. That was the first sign of trouble to me. I got on the phone to Frankie in LA and asked if Kevin was with him. He said no and that he hadn’t talked to Kevin in about 10 days. He said he thought Kevin was with one of his girlfriends. From there, I started to track her down. I have never met her and only after Frankie gave me her name was I able to find her which was relativity easy. By now about 10 minutes had passed. She said that Kevin had missed Thanksgiving with her (one of 2 girls he was supposed to have thanksgiving with. Well, he IS Kevin) She said she had gone to his house and left him many messages without response and that she had a very bad feeling about this. Right then, my other phone rang. I have 3 phones in my house and little did I know soon all 3 would be ringing nonstop. I put the phone down on the table with girlfriend #2 still on the line and it was Frankie on the phone. He told me what had happened. I lost all composure at that point and told FB I would call him back. Now to the other phone where I had the unpleasant task of telling #2 the news. Needless to say she freaked. GF#1 was Lark Williams who was in San Fran at the time. She was worried about Kevin as well and she had called a paramedic friend of hers to go check on Kevin. The guy happened to be very close to his house. With Lark on the phone, the guy went to Kevin’s and was looking into windows and told Lark he could see his keys on the counter. Lark told him to break in immediately. It was a very ballsy and good thing she did. The guy broke in (hence the call from the alarm co.) and found Kev. This all happened in about 20 minutes time. From there, police, fire, everybody was called. He was found in bed. I talked with a Detective who was there and they hadn’t even removed Kevin yet. He said “We have found no signs of foul play and are ruling this an accidental death”. Last I heard from Kevin’s brother, there was going to be a service this Sunday in Corona del Mar, Ca. Kevin will be buried next to his father. But then I was told that the coroner was still not done so that was kind of up in the air. I have not heard from them since. Peter Margolis was one of the first people I called. I had had to tell the news to Kevin’s brother as well and I really didn’t want to go through that again with others who are important in our lives. He was very kind was immediately saddened and said right off he wouldn’t wish this on anybody. I read his statement and can say that he did in fact want to work out the differences between Kevin and himself. From here, I am not going to point out all the other things to you that people say when an icon dies. Kevin was what he was and he lived his life as such.
To me, Kevin was my brother for 35 years. And like brothers, we had our differences. But many many times over dinner, we discussed how great it was to be able to sit across from each and laugh about all the terrible things we said and did to each other. He was always there for me, and I was always there for him. The last time I saw him was on our mutually shared birthday, Oct 29, He gave me a big hug and a really great present. The best present though was the hug. I will miss him terribly. I pray that those who had issues with him don’t take this opportunity to celebrate this. If you knew Kevin well enough to have a beef with him, then you knew him well enough to know he had a very good side to him as well. Thank you all for all your kindness. Please remember him for the one thing he wanted to be since he was born. A ROCKSTAR.
Kelly Garni – Quiet Riot

Today I learned that my friend Kevin DuBrow passed away. This blows me away. No one would ever imagine this happening to Kevin, especially me, after knowing him for the past eight years. During our tours together, he would really take care of himself, eating well (certainly better than the rest of us). He’d take his vitamins every day, and always kept his body and voice in check. One thing about Kevin was that he was always so thankful for what he had. Performing live and creating music were his passions, and he was grateful for the time he spent with his friends and fans. The rock scene has lost an icon, an individual who brought it every night! Kevin, you will be missed.
Billy Morris – Warrant/Quiet Riot

The members of SNOW would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Kevin Dubrow, the lead singer of Quiet Riot, who died yesterday. We, Carlos Cavazo, Tony Cavazo & Stephen Quadros, all knew Kevin and are sad about his passing.

I am deeply saddened by the passing of one of my closest friends, Kevin Dubrow.
I had known Kevin since ’83, when QR took off with their Multi platinum selling record.
He was a loud and Proud soulful Rock ‘n Roller, who loved the British Invasion, Quoting Stevie Marriot and yours Truly as his Favorite singers.
I met him though Frankie Banali, Hughes/Thrall’s drummer. Frankie and Kevin were more than Bandmates, they were brothers. I lost contact with him, until 2001 when I saw him in the audience at one of my shows in Las Vegas at the House of Blues. Couldn’t miss him: There he was, groovin’ away. All 6′ 4 of him. After that show, he and I became very close….we would travel together, (we were planning on goin’ to Maui in the New Year).
He stayed at my LA. Home when he was in town. He had his room, always prepared. I want you all to know that my relationship with him was a loving and nurturing one. He called me his big brother. He would call me sometimes 10-20 times a day, askin’ a million questions, about life, music and food!
Kevin was a giver; he was always sendin’ me gifts in person or via Fed Ex. I used to call him a silly boy; All I needed was his love, Material things aren’t important to me, it’s on the inside that counts.
Kevin called me on the 16th, Gabi took the call, I was at the movies with my friends. He wanted to know if we could pick him up at LAX on the 23rd, the night of a party that Gab was throwin’ for me.
There’s no way that KD would have missed this event, but we didn’t have his flight info. By Tues/Weds, I became very concerned and started callin’ him on his hotline, and cell phone and texts and emails……no answer…..then Thanksgiving, I knew his MOM , Laura, was back on the East Coast…where is my boy? We thought it was very odd that he never showed…….all my friends were there, but not my lil’ boy….. …, it’s now the weekend, and I’m talkin’ to Gab about catchin’ a flight to Vegas.
By Sunday mornin’, I couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to contact Lark Williams about callin’ a Paramedic to get into Kev’s house. Well, the rest is history.
I will miss him more than anyone will know. He was a big part of my life. He was childlike, he was sweet, kind…..and he loved life. I will miss having dinner with him at the Palm in Beverly Hills. I will miss his big booming voice bellowing through my house. I will miss the corny jokes he had by the dozens. I will miss talking to him on a daily basis. I will miss writing songs with him for the next Quiet Riot album.
I will now begin work on my new record this evening. I will dedicate this one to you Kev.
I played you the songs sitting across from me on the couch a coupla months ago…And yeah….he was groovin’. You will never be forgotten.
Your big brother,
Glenn Hughes

Kevin Dubrow is dead. This hits pretty damn hard. Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister had a lot of respect for each other. The basis for this came from the fact that both Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister formed in 1973–long before the rebirth of heavy metal or “hair metal,” as it came to be known, in the 80’s. When Quiet Riot (on the West Coast) and Twisted Sister (on the East Coast) were formed, it was an outgrowth of the glam rock movement of the early 70’s and both our bands fought the good fight against the onslaught that was disco (ugh!). When most other bands gave up or switched allegiances to what was more commercially viable at the time, both of our bands refused to bend–or break for that matter–and carried the torch for heavy rock through the dark days of the mid to late 70’s.
As a result, Quiet Riot were not only at the forefront to the LA metal scene, they were the inspiration for many other bands who went on to find fame and fortune. If you were to look back at old issues of LA music papers, you’d see every band who ever became anything out of LA opening for Quiet Riot. And it was Kevin Dubrow and Quiet Riot’s perseverance and refusal to take no for an answer that literally destroyed the barriers of the record industry, television and commercial radio and opened the door for all metal bands to follow into the promised land. And we all know the glory days of metal that followed. Thank you Kevin.
And because Twisted Sister was doing, and had done the same thing for the music scene on the East Coast, our two bands have always shared a mutual respect for one another. We know that none of the other bands (with the possible exception of Y&T who were doing pretty much the same thing in Northern California) had been through the shit that we’d been through. We had earned our battle scars and our right to stand on those coliseum stages…while we felt many others had not.
It’s because of this connection, that the passing of Kevin Dubrow hits us particularly hard. You’ve all heard the saying, “There by the grace of God go I.” Well, it’s never been truer than now.
The metal community has lost a powerful voice and a great front man, but let it never be said that Kevin Dubrow did not leave his mark. You kicked our asses Kevin, you really did.
Dee Snider – Twisted Sister

He was one of the best singers rock has ever seen. He had a voice like a razor blade that just cut right through you. And that voice is now silent.
He was one of the first people I ever met when I came to L.A. Kevin and I had a unique kinship, because our styles were similar, and we were both the same age. The third gig I ever played in L.A. was with him and Quiet Riot, when (guitarist Randy Rhoads) was still in the band.
Quiet Riot was the first real MTV rock band. I always used to tell everybody that when people write rock ‘n’ roll encyclopedias, you’ll see your ’64 British invasion, the ’56 Elvis chapter and the ’69 Haight-Ashbury chapter — well, L.A. will have its own ’82-’83 chapter, and Quiet Riot would really be the beginning of that chapter.
Blackie Lawless – W.A.S.P.

Like everyone, I was sad to hear about the loss of Kevin Dubrow.
I would often see Kevin around town here in Las Vegas and we had many nice conversations.
I also had the good fortune of playing “Bang Your head” with him on New Years Eve a few years back. I was playing with Steven Adler at the time when Kevin came in for sound check…I wasn’t expecting him. I was going to just sit the song out, but Kevin asked me to play, He joked, “Is Brent Muscat too good for Quiet Riot?” I learned the song and it was great performing with him.
Faster Pussycat’s manager Warren Entner was also was the manager for Quiet Riot and when they were on hiatus Frankie came and played drums for us.
I wish my best to his family and friends during this tough time.
Rest in Peace, Kevin.
Brent Muscat – Faster Pussycat/Sin City Sinners

I have known Kevin Dubrow for close to 20 years or so. Quiet Riot put Metal on the radio in the early 80’s in spite of the vanilla New Wave surge of Duran Duran clones at the time.
However he died or why, let’s just remember the colossal contributions that he made.Rest In peace my brother.
Rikki Rockett – Poison

First off I want to say rest in peace to the singer of Quiet Riot. I met Kevin a few times at some of our shows in Vegas and he was always a gentleman to the Floyds. I remember many years ago sneaking into Magic Mountain in Velencia here in CA after a day of hanging at some lake we used to go to to check out Quiet with Kevin, Carlos, Rudy and Frankie, great show. The first rock act to hit No.1 on Billboard.
Steve Summers – Pretty Boy Floyd

Kevin Dubrow’s passing was such a shock!!! I was in Monroe, Louisiana when I first seen Quiet Riot on MTV. They blew me away. I was a Lynyrd Skynyd fan and these guys were like the new thing. Loved Kevin’s voice on Cum On Feel The Noise. I had a friend in L.A. say that Quiet Riot was trying out singers. I thought no one can replace that guy. He was like Tyler to Aerosmith, oh my god, I was heading out to L.A. to audition for Quiet Riot. Well I was also right. Only Kevin was right for that job. He wasn’t replaceable, and good reason why. He was the real deal. Without Kevin’s voice there wasn’t Quiet Riot. I was strictly a southern rock singer and that voice made me wanna put a little more edge to things. I was lucky enough to see Quiet Riot around L.A. Kevin will be missed. My prayers go out to his family. Kevin and his voice will live on forever.
Gary Jeffries – Asphalt ballet/Alligator Stew

We toured with Quiet Riot a number of years back – and that’s how I know the band guys. Kevin and the band were killer every night – and Kevin was always on top of his game. He had quite a voice and vocal range. Hard to beat. He certainly left his mark in the rock music world. He will be missed by many. Too soon baby – too soon.
Brent Doerner – Helix/Decibel

I remember driving around North Hollywood at 3AM in Kevin’s red Vette as he played me the rough mixes of Metal Health. I was blown away. No one had heard anything like it. You just knew it was going to be huge when you heard it.
R.I.P. Mr. DuBrow.
Chris Neelley – Johnny Crash

I just found out that Kevin recently passed away! I am shocked that I didn’t even see it on the news! I never knew Kevin personally, even though I ran with the same crowd as him and was in his presence many times. As a fellow singer and frontman I thought he was awesome!!! STRONG PIPES, big personality, confident…all the things that many contemporary singers wish they had! You’ll be missed, mate! And Metal Health will go down in history as one of the 80’s true great powerhouse albums!!!
Vick Wright – Johnny Crash/Tokyo Blade

Wow… Kevin DuBrow dead, doesn’t seem possible really. Kevin always seemed bigger than life. Every time he would call we always seemed to be on the phone for hours just shootin’ the shit and laughing our asses off. I somehow thought he’d be around forever. Wherever he’s gone I’m sure they’re having one hell of good time now that he’s there. Kevin wouldn’t have it any other way
Terry Nails – Ozzy Osbourne/Steve Jones

I met Kevin — I spoke with him on a few occasions — and he was not my friend although he was friendly. We perhaps shared many friendships — and in fact — many who have made comments about his loss were also those most critical of him over the years.
But like Kelly said — “If you knew Kevin well enough to have a beef with him, then you knew him well enough to know he had a very good side to him as well”.
More than this — as a front man in any band — we risk the chance of becoming the main target. We’re thetip of the arrow so to speak! The verbal spokesman — the great communicator — and often our shots comefrom those we lead into concert (our own band mates)!
I’ve heard many comments about Kevin from those in close contact with him. They know who they are andso do I — but now — I’m sure many of these egocentric rockers are looking inside a little bit right now as theman they loved to hate, has passed on.
It’s sad indeed — Kevin was a great front man — with a giant ego befitting of his stature and his history. He’smade many true friends over the years who at times loved him as a brother no doubt. I’m sad for his familyand his family of friends. His fans will live on as will all of us — a bit richer — a tad wiser – and hopefully – a lot more respectful of those (who like Kevin) gave it all!
We’re all at a similar point in life when things we can’t control catches us off guard like this. I hope to someday bury a few hatchets myself before I become too old to give a crap. Or die undiscovered in this manner.
To all of you, who have in anyway, shot your mouth off about Kevin — don’t think for a second it bothered himvery much. He was no doubt — much like myself — used to it. As a front man — it comes with the territory!
I know Kevin has experienced many of the up’s and down’s dealing with the continuous musical chairs that many of the players here in LA feel so determined to play — we spoke about it one night years back and I’ll always remember his candidness.
So, it’s from the heart that I say this to all of you, WAKE UP!! Take the time to consistently stay in touch with those closest to you!
I recently lost a very dear friend in my building, he was the ex-manager and brother of the founding member of the band The 5th Dimension. While I was grieving his loss – another tenant/friend also died in my building. Only in this case — I found him 5 days later sitting in his living room recliner! The site and smell was nothing short of horrific!! His body had decomposed in the worst way!! That’s all I’ll say on that!!
However — what struck me the most was why didn’t anyone know he had died???? I was at his door many times that week, and called several other times, but assumed he’d simply decided to go reclusive.
It wasn’t until the postman notified me that his mail hadn’t been collected that I knew there was trouble.
In the end — it was determined that he’d committed suicide rather than sign his divorce papers!! Although his ex-wife to be had not heard from him all week, she assumed he was avoiding contact.
Again, my point is this my friends, Kevin was not the first to go this long without being discovered in death, and I’m quite sure he won’t be the last! But if from this point on — we can all be a bit more observant of our friendships and the habits of those we love, enough to observe changes in them or their routines, then just maybe, we CAN prevent this from happening again!! Maybe we all need to discuss what to do if we’re out of touch for a spell — it’s the least we can do for each other. They’ll be no open casket in Kevin’s case, and I won’t even speculate that he’d want one.
But trust me, I can’t imagine our family and friends going through the arduous task of clearing and shifting through our belongings left in our passing, after being undiscovered for so long. It’s simply a part of reality we never wish to know — but in this way — need to think about. Please — keep the lines open — and don’t worry about bugging someone you love. If need — speak often — be candid — and piss them off if you must as they will always forgive you in the end. Just a thought!!!
Kevin — rest in peace my man!! The world will miss you and hopefully your passing will serve as a wake up to us all that life is not always fair — and death knocks on all our doors eventually.
Your many musical contributions and indeed close friendships will keep your legacy alive in the hearts of all those you’ve touched. Heavy Metal has lost a very outspoken member of the club — but only in body — your spirit will live on forever!! Rock on brother!!!
Steve “Zues” Johnstad – Mayday

Once again, the music world has suffered the tragic loss of one of it’s own. Kevin Dubrow was not only a great singer/songwriter, but a good friend & a very sincere man. I’ve been in this business for over 20 years now & have had the pleasure of meeting & touring with some of the greatest bands & artists of our time. Never before, had I met a person whom I wanted to know forever until Kevin (& Frankie, for that matter). Quiet Riot was, is & always will be one of the greatest bands in the history of rock music, whether you choose to call them 80’s hair metal or classic rock, one thing is little known about them…the quality of their character. Over the years, the members of this band have epitomized the definition of class, demonstrated the thoughtfulness of a close family member & shared the appropriate amount of rockstar hilarity & behavior to make me understand what it should be about. I never felt like I was worthy of being considered a rockstar but Kevin always made me feel like I was one of the great ones. He, to me was the ultimate rockstar & ultimately a great man.
In closing, I would like to convey that this is a sad day, not only to the music community but personally & my thoughts & prayers go out to his family & close friends, most of all his best friend, Frankie Banali as well as Chuck & Alex.
Kevin…you will be missed!
Jeff LaBar – Cinderella/Rufus Fontain

My memories of Kevin DuBrow.
I was a high school junior (1983) watching MTV and saw this spider like front man prowling across my TV clad in stripes. He encouraged me to bang my head. And I did.
A few years later (1986) going to see Quiet Riot in concert with special guest Poison. I couldn’t believe how powerful Kevin’s voice was. Quiet Riot & the openers – both blew me away.
In Hollywood late 80s standing around at the “Rainbow Bar & Grill” and seeing him walk in tall and lanky. He was very full of life. A true rock star.
At LAX airport mid 90s walking along and realized that Kevin & Frankie Banali were neck and neck with me to the gate. “Hey where you guys going?” Kevin replies with his voice on 10! “To play a festival in Oklahoma. What about you guys, what you up to?” Hello, handshakes, and goodbyes all in less than a minute. It felt cool knowing we were comrades in this industry.
Early millennium (2001-02) I was playing “Pinkees” in Las Vegas with my cover band Motley Priest. We went into “Metal Health” and next thing I know Kevin is standing right next to the stage smiling at me. I motioned to him to come up. He obliged and walked on stage during the solo, the place went crazy as he did the breakdown. He handed me the microphone back. I was honored.
Late 2004 Kevin informs me of his love for Metal Sludge and we become e-buddies. We exchanged e-mails and phone calls every few months. He was always SO nice, and offered to take me to a nice dinner more times than I can count. Being a Dad in recent years, and life in general took up my time – I never took him up on it. It’s kind of like a “Cats in the Cradle” scenario I guess. I regret not going.
Metal Sludge filmed a TV pilot (2005-06) with Kevin & Frankie, Paul Gargano, DJ Will & Happenin’ Harry. It was a great time, we all had so much in common and so many stories that intertwined. Kevin was watching play back at one point and said: “Wow, looks killer, just like one of those VH1 shows.” I was proud.
Walking down Melrose last summer I run into Kevin and Alexx Grossi. Kevin says: “Dude, we’re going to Jamba Juice, let me buy you one!” I went, we laughed, talked about the “Bad Boys of Metal ” tour and parted ways. He talked me into the wheat grass shot too. I choked it down.
We had not talked much in recent months. Then I heard disturbing news on Sunday night and called him several times. I kept getting his voice mail, which was full. Hearing his voice made me think of what a great guy Kevin DuBrow was and how much I will miss him. I am truly saddened to lose my friend.
Stevie Rachell – Tuff

When I was 17 I ordered the first 2 QR records on import from Aarons on Melrose. I put all the pictures and LP covers on my walls in my bedroom, I was obsessed with Randy. There was a giant billboard on the side of the Starwood that had the album cover of Quiet Riots second album on it and, everytime I saw it I thought to myself ” Wow real rockstars I hope to meet them someday.
There used to be a guitar shop called freedom guitar on the corner of Gardner and Sunset where I would get my used gear at. One day I walked in there and Kevin was in there with a beautiful blonde girl and I was in awe. I walked up to him and had a brief conversation with him. He was the coolest guy and told me he had a new band just called Dubrow. I saw Dubrow a few times with different guitarists one time it was Bob Stephan and another guy named Craig (I could never remember his last name). Anyway, Kevin was just a great bluesy Rock singer and I was honored just the fact that he knew my name.
As the years went by Quiet Riot got huge and I would listen to metal health on my way to LAVC where I went to college in my late teens. I always was so proud that he made his own success without Randy because he clearly had the talent.
In 2005 Mike Varney called me and said that he received a call from Kevin saying that he would love to have me play guitar for Quiet Riot. I can’t even tell you how happy I was that day. I didn’t care if they were playing stadiums or phone booths I was just completely floored that we wanted me to play.
The night before we were to audition bass players Kevin flew out from Vegas and took me to this really fancy restaurant on Santa Monica where he insisted that I have the Lobster. I had never tried lobster before and he also insisted that I eat the gross green part (I still don’t know what it was). Anyway, we talked about so many things music related, he was really into Steve Marriot and Glenn Hughes at the time. We talked about Randy of course which we had done in the past so many times, and it always made him smile and I could always tell he was really really sad about Randy.
I had written some music that I thought was really Randy influenced and passed it on to the guys a few weeks before we had the bass auditions and Frankie and Kevin really liked it but, they had already written some more basic bluesy style stuff that they were really excited about and didn’t fit into my headspace at the time, so I went down to the studio with them only half ass knowing the songs which really frustrated Frankie and I can understand why. But Kevin just laughed because he understood where I was coming from (I just wanted to shred)
A couple of days later Kevin called and asked me to come to Vegas so we could learn those songs better because he really wanted me to do it and during that conversation we came to the conclusion to just move on stay friends, which to me was very important that I didn’t lose one of my idols as a friend including Frankie…..
Kevin Dubrow was always a gentleman to me and my girl……..
RIP Kevin
Tracii Guns – L.A. Guns

I met Kevin back in 1986 when Quiet Riot were on the bill with us (Yngwie Malmsteen) for a few shows in the US. He was a funny, high spirited, overall good guy. Through all that he created his image of the ‘mouth that roared’, I found him to be a very endearing & genuine soul. He’s was a saint then & continued to be such a humble person always treating me with absolute respect since day one. I was a Quiet Riot fan when the Metal Health album came out & through knowing Kevin & Co, continued to support the guys & their quest to continue the path they set for themselves from the ground up.
As we drove to soundcheck today here in the UK, I was given the information that Kevin has passed away. My deepest condolences go out to his family, those near & dear & especially to the boys in QR. Kevin leaves us with his legacy of work that we should always remember him by & knowing him, he doesn’t want us to be sad for his passing, he’d want us to celebrate by ‘screaming until our throats bleed!’. RIP my friend, we’ll meet again!
Jeff Scott Soto

As most of you know, Quiet Riot frontman Kevin Dubrow passed away on Sunday. Julliet has many fond memories of Kevin, both on the stage and off. Kevin was extremely instrumental in Julliet’s success. He took us on when he was at the peak of his career, producing our first album “Passion”. He convinced us that Julliet needed to make the move to Los Angeles, and a couple of weeks later, we did. That in itself was a feat, driving out to LA from Florida with not much money and no place to live. And as a result, as told in our bio, 1 year to the day of our move, we were signed to Capitol/Enigma Records.
He introduced us to many people in the music industry. Taught us about the music business and about music in general. Greg Pecka, our drummer, was brought to us by Kevin as well. There are many fine moments we have of him.
Our thoughts and prayers extend to his family and friends during this time. Life is truly a special gift. Live each day to the fullest.
RIP Kevin Dubrow

Wow – what a shocker! I’ve known the man for years. BITCH played with him and his band at The Whisky when they were called “DUBROW”, prior to the formation of QUIET RIOT. He was quite a character…and although he sometimes rubbed people the wrong way, his presence will be missed.
Betsy Bitch

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of a great Rock Singer and Front Man, and one who had stamped his mark forever in the books of Rock History.
Kevin DuBrow will be missed by all of us, his fans and friends. I remember seeing Quiet Riot for the first time at the Fleetwood in Redondo Beach in 1976 with Kevin, Frankie, Rudy, and Randy. Great line up, but then again all the QR lineups have been great and strong as a band!
Long Live Quiet Riot and Kevin DuBrow’s Legacy!
Jesse Damon – Silent Rage

Last Sunday lead singer of Quiot Riot, Kevin Dubrow, was found dead at his home. We would like to express our condolences to his family.
As most of you know, we toured with Quiot Riot and Whitesnake in the summer of 1984 through 20,000 seat halls all across the United States. I became friends with Kevin during that tour, and two years ago we met up again at a festival we were playing together. This week John Hockley came to Planet Helix and we went through the archives to pick out some of my Super 8 home movie footage I had of that tour as well as a couple of clips that I filmed with my Sony cam the last time I saw Kevin and Franki. You can view that footage here.
Brian Vollmer – Helix

Kevin DuBrow was found dead in his Las Vegas home yesterday the 25th, cause of death is yet unknown, he was 52.
It really sucks. I had the pleasure of opening for the Bad Boys Of Metal tour and meeting him and hanging out with him a bit. People always said he was stuck up, but no way! He and I before the show sat at a table for about 10 minutes talking about how happy we were that the show wasn’t at Harpo’s in Detroit but at the Machine Shop in Flint, MI. He seemed very healthy and sober to me. In fact he even kicked me and Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses) off the bus for getting too fucked up and having our way with some fine hotties! LOL! But he was a very cool guy and it’s a shame! RIP Kevin.
Vic Wayne

Quiet Riot had an impact on me when I was a teen and when I wasn’t listening to their music, I was playing it or seeing a cover band that was playing it! Metal Health was a brilliant record and his voice and Cavazo’s playing was damn good for that time… and very influential to many others. From Sarzo licking his thumb to the spandex and posing; pure cheese but great cheese! Their music was rock and metal and party music all in one. It is a sad day for metal, as DuBrow and Quiet Riot helped, in their own way, make metal what it has become today. RIP dude. You will be missed by many and thanks for the memories and the music.
Jeff Waters – Annihilator

Life is short – Rock like there is no tomorrow…! Just took this picture last summer at Rocklahoma before QR’s kick-ass set – rest in peace, brother.
Big Cock

Kevin DuBrow

I’m still in a bit of shock about Kevin’s death. I shall not speculate on the cause but rather respect the process as well as the privacy of the people who loved him. I didn’t really know Kevin that well back in the RIP/Headbanger’s Ball days. Saw him here and there, heard tales about his ‘attitude’ and arrogance. Everybody talks shit in Hollywood. It’s a way of life. I exiled myself to Las Vegas in the fall of ’03 to write my memoir, Life on Planet Rock. For 29 months, I resided on the sands of Sin City, spending most of my time in quiet desperation. But now and then, I’d venture out and see the bands I knew when they passed through town. Inevitably, at every show, there was Kevin, fellow L.A. exile, usually with his girlfriend at the time, Vegas rock DJ, Lark Williams, in tow. Whatever impressions I may or may not have had about the lead singer of Quiet Riot disappeared over time into a kind of a night owl friendship. We turned into kindred spirits, concert goers, observers of the youth brigade, fans immortal, lovers of riff and word. I can’t comment on how he partied or what he may have partook to feed his muse. We sipped a glass of wine here and there. If I’m not in the room, I have nothing to say. But of this I am certain: Kevin Dubrow LOVED Las Vegas, loved rock n’ roll and LOVED his life. He was never, and I repeat NEVER without a smile on his face or a bounce in his step. It didn’t matter what rug he plopped on his head or what folks might be saying about the guy he was in the spandex-clad past, Kevin didn’t give a fuck anymore. He was content playing his own rock, venturing out to see his musical peers shred it loud and hard, and enjoying to the fullest the second half of his life. Kevin Dubrow is a year older than me. And now he’s gone, feeling the noize emanating from a much taller Marshall Stack. God bless the man and his metal.
Lonn Friend – music journalist

As I mourn his death with a heavy heart, I will remember hearing his voice and the music for the very first time on the radio back in 1983. I will remember all the great music Kevin and Quiet Riot gave to so many of us over the years and I will say Thank you, Kevin, may you rest in peace…
Bill Chavis – Chavis Records

I was in high school the first time I saw Kevin at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, and I remember loving their song ‘Slick Black Cadillac.’ Kevin was a super energetic performer and listeners need to know there was more to Quiet Riot than Slade covers.
Katherine Turman – music journalist

The rock n roll world mourns the loss of one of the great frontmen of the metal era and the face of a movement that to this day retains its passionate and dedicated fans. Unlike any other form of music on this planet, metal is a brotherhood and in the death of Kevin DuBrow, we have lost one of the most recognizable, charismatic and outspoken leaders of the fraternity. My personal regards and condolences go to Frankie, Chuck, Kelly, Glenn and other members past and present of the extended Quiet Riot family. Kevin’s death is unfair and well before his time. R.I.P Kevin.
Andrew McNeice – Melodic Rock

Quiet Riot may not have been the most successful band of the 80s, but every band that had success in the 80s hair metal genre should thank Kevin Dubrow and Quiet Riot for kicking down the proverbial walls of making heavy metal a commercially successful medium. Over the last 12 years, we at THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW have had many interactions with the band, it’s various lineups, and most notably Kevin and Frankie Banali. While their reputation for being difficult preceded them, they proved time and time again to be 2 of the nicest, most forthcoming artists we’ve come across in that time. Both have appeared on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW numerous times, and each and every time they did, we always got “real” emotion from two guys that made seemed to generally love what they do, and appreciated the fact that we offered a conduit for them to reach out to those that were still enjoying what they could offer each and every year.
Kevin, we’re definitely going to miss you bro. I found this lyric from Quiet Riot’s last album REHAB to be particularly telling:
“You think everything can be purchased, you think everyone has their price / Just like the fool that I am I believed you were right / You’re always thinking about meditation / In contact with spirits all the time / I’ve got a magic trick for you it’s disappearing time” – Kevin Dubrow, Quiet Riot from “South Of Heaven”
It may have been too early for you to go, but we hope you are in a better place. RIP, my brother in metal! Our thoughts go out to Frankie, everyone in the Quiet Riot family, and all of Kevin’s close friends and family.
Chris Akin – The Classic Metal Show

Quiet Riot was “my” band during my senior year in High School. I actually took a punch in the face at a Quiet Riot concert from a GUY while trying to catch a guitar pick from Carlos! (No, I didn’t get the pick, the guy did!)
I did a radio interview with Kevin in 1993 and he was so mean to me he made me cry! But you know what, he wanted the BEST from that interview and I wasn’t giving it to him. It made me a better Radio Personality and for that I will be forever grateful.
I am so glad I got to see Quiet Riot at Rocklahoma this past Summer. Kevin and the band never looked or sounded better.
“Metal Health” defined a decade and put Metal on the map. No one will ever forget that. My condolences to Kevin’s family, friends, and bandmates.
Tori Thomas – WZZO-FM 95.1 Allentown

My name is DJ Snake and I do a weekly metal show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Just this evening on my show I played some Quiet Riot tracks in memory of the late Kevin Dubrow.
I had the honor of meeting him and Frankie Benali a few years ago at a show in Atlantic City and I have to say they were both stand up guys. Kevin was a great vocalist and a great front man. He dawned that metal mask and came in like a bat outta hell. He had so much energy, even when he was older. I remember seeing him in AC with his leopard skin outfit and the stripped mic stand. He will sorely be missed. Words cannot say how sad we are he is gone. He will forever be remembered in our hearts and in our minds as one of the greatest frontmen to live. RIP Kevin. We love ya.
DJ Snake – WKDU 91.7FM Philadelphia

So my sister calls and asks…did you know Kevin Dubrow from Quiet Riot? I told her yes, I got to know him quite well and told her the story of how we got to know each other and it really wasn’t by choice…but I want to share it with all of you.
We were somewhat thrown together during a radio promotion, while they were playing the Salida Event Center in Becker MN. So I thought I would share this story with you. I was doing Mornings at Rockin 101 then. I picked up Kevin at the hotel and drove him around Saint Cloud, Becker, Monticello, and the whole time we were in my Tahoe, he wouldn’t shut up. He talked a hundred miles an hour. Honestly, after the first 30 minutes I wanted to put us into a tree. But during that time , I was amazed at how much knowledge he had about so many different things. He shared with me his brief radio Career doing Mornings in Vegas, and how he thought he finally found his true love in a girl back in Vegas, where we had to get him to a Western Union to send money back home to his girl. He was really happy about touring again, although he missed the arena tours, but was satisfied with getting out in front of the crowds again with his bandmates.
Kevin was a highly caffeinated guy, at least the one that I got to know for that short time. I brought him back to our Radio Station and he took over the Afternoons with Brad Savage. Then I drove him down to soundcheck, met Frankie Banali, and enjoyed QR dropping power at the club 2 or 3 times.
A lot of people didn’t like him and he got a lot of heat, but you have to give the guy credit. It isn’t very many metal singers that get a household name unless they slide into a family of six while they’re hammered, wind up coming out after many years, or accidentally overdose.
He did his for opening his mouth and singing, and for bringing part of the beginning of 80’s metal crossing over into the mainstream. I was never a big QR fan, but I give credit where it’s due. They did open the door for many metal acts from LA to get on to the radio.
Leni DiMancari – Hurricane Alice/Bad Animals

Very sad and I still can’t believe it. I saw Quiet Riot live more then I think any other band. I saw them at least 8 times. My old band Scream Clan even got a chance to open for them in 2003 and I got to meet all the guys in the band during sound check. I was looking forward to meeting Rudy Sarzo the most since he’s my favorite bass player but Kevin was hands down the coolest person in the band and one of the nicest rock stars I ever met. I might have to get my band to cover a Quiet Riot song for our next few shows.
Jam with Randy tonight Kevin RIP
Stevie Lang – Midnight Angel

As many of you Have herd already Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot passed away at his home in Las Vegas NV. Kevin Dubrow (For those who couldn’t pick this up on their own) was a huge influence on my vocal style and Psycho Gypsy’s music. Quiet Riot was the first band out the L.A. Glam Rock scene to enter at the top of the charts. Quiet Riot kicked down the door and every band in L.A. with a can of Hairspray and a Marshall amp walked through it. So make a toast to Kevin and Quiet Riot tonight. Psycho Gypsy Thanks you for your music and all the great memories.
Timm Tantrum – Psycho Gypsy

The boys of Badd Habbit wish the best to the family, friends, and fans of Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer of the 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot.
Badd Habbit

To all the fans of Quiet Riot, family and friends please know that we will miss Kevin and the unforgettable sound the he and the band created.
Kevin will be forever immortalized in his music…..
Please join us in a moment of silence……
The Entertainment Group Staff

Everyone at Red & Jerry’s Rockin Metal Revival would like to send our condolences to the family, friends and fans of the late Kevin DuBrow.
Red & Jerry – Red & Jerry’s Rockin Metal Revival

Like everyone I am in shock. I have met Kevin several times and he was always very cool to me and the band. I don’t even know what to say about this, but that I am so sorry to hear of his passing.
My deepest condolences go out to Kevin’s friends, fans and family. Also a special prayer for my good friend Carlos Cavazo. Hang in there bro.
Drivin’ Rain

Kevin DuBrow

GONE WILD would like to join the others of the esteemed throng to extend our sincere condolences to the friends andfamily of the late great rock force that was and will always be Kevin Dubrow. Whether we realize itor not, every one of us classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal bands owe a debt of gratitude toKevin & QR for having the balls to rock it to the max and hanging in there beyond any fads thathave come and gone. We love the fact that Kevin was a man of passion, an incredible talent andstill able to be a fan of this genre we all so love dearly.
Heres to ya, the Noize has indeed been felt and so shall continue to be.
Richard, Rob, Matt, Nilsy & Chris – Gone Wild

Like most, I just heard the news about Quiet Riot’s Kevin Dubrow.
That he passed away yesterday.
Kevin……….it was an honor meeting you, hearing you and seeing you perform many times over the years.
You will be missed.
Ronnie – Rufus Fontain

Hearts go out to Kevin’s family, friends and band members.
His music will live on!
Listen to Quiet Riot today….for Kev!

Sad to relate that news reaching us at Arena central here in the UK confirms the death of Quiet Riot vocalist Kevin DuBrow at his home in Las Vegas at the age of 52.
Quiet Riot was one of the soundtrack bands when we were growing up and thus an influence on a generation of rock fans and bands alike.
We would like to join others in expressing our condolences to Mr. Dubrow’s family and band mates.
Andy, Chris, Simon, Nick and Zep – Scream Arena

Can’t believe this guy was found dead.
Hearts go out to his friends, family and band.
R.I.P. Kev…you gave us some great music.
Pipes Of Panic

R.I.P Kevin DuBrow..I never met Kevin but I talked to him on the phone one day and he told me the best story about Randy Rhoads! Thanks Frankie B for giving me his number that day..It means so much to me right now!
Bang Yer Head!!!
Markus Allen Christopher – Miss Crazy

I just found out not too long ago about the terrible news that Quiet Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow passed away yesterday in his home in Las Vegas.
I would personally like to extend my deepest condolences to Quiet Riot and Kevin’s family.
Those close to Kevin ask that everyone be patient, and NOT flood them with calls.
Please give them plenty of space, and a few days to get through the shock.
Kevin was a great guy and a staple in the Hard Rock world and the music community. He was not only a major influence to most, but a leader and a pioneer of an era. Kevin will be missed very much.
There was ONLY one Kevin DuBrow.
I feel extremely blessed to have known him.
This is a very sad day.
Happenin’ Harry – Happen’ Harry And The Haptones Allstar Band

For those of you who haven’t already heard, Quiet Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow was found dead in his home this past Sunday.
It’s three days later and I still feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the notion of Kevin DuBrow actually dying. Those two things just don’t want to go together in my mind. I barely knew the man, yet I still feel like I’ve lost a close friend. I haven’t felt the loss of someone this badly since Kiss drummer Eric Carr died 16 years ago (almost to the day, oddly enough).
Maybe it’s because Kevin and Quiet Riot have been heroes of mine since I was a kid. Maybe it’s because I had the honor of interviewing the man in 2005. Maybe it’s because Kevin and the entire QR crew have been exceptionally kind to me at each and every encounter (despite my constant concerns about coming across as nothing but an overgrown fanboy). Regardless, news of Kevin’s death is wholly shocking and bizarre to me and I think I’m still in denial about the whole thing.
Part of me wants to write more about the matter, but I find myself hesitant to do so… perhaps because doing so will make it all finally, horribly real.
I can’t believe I’ll never see another Quiet Riot concert.
I can’t believe I’ll never hear another new Quiet Riot album.
I can’t believe any of this is actually happening.
If anybody is interested in reading my one and only interview with Kevin DuBrow, I’ve linked it here.
Kevin, you rock.
C.C. Banana – comic

RIP Kevin DuBrow

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Yes it’s me
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Your flyin’ free
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Fly on, Thunderbird fly
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That someday
You’ll be back home

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Across the bay
And give your best
Ooh baby leave the best thing
That you’ve been

Fly on, Thunderbird fly
Fly on, spread your wings to the sky
Fly on, Thunderbird fly (fly on)

When all is said
All is done
Still I live
And carry on
Don’t look back
But think of me
We’ll meet again
Fly away

Fly on, Thunderbird fly
Fly on, spread your wings to the sky
Fly on, Thunderbird fly

Fly on, Thunderbird fly
You’ve got fly away
Fly on, spread your wings to the sky
On to the sky
Fly on Thunderbird…Fly!

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