The Music Hall Concert Theatre in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada shuts its doors due to impact from Covid-19

The Music Hall Concert Theatre in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada shuts its doors due to impact from Covid-19

Very sad news for the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada as The Music Hall Concert Theatre located in nearby Oshawa has closed its doors due to the impact from the Cover-19 pandemic.

The Music Hall Concert Theatre was to host the fundraiser event Australia’s Up S*it Creek Bushfire Fundraiser organized by The Lazys and that was to take place on March 28, 2020. The Lazys were going to have many special guests including Red Dragon Cartel singer and Harem Scarem drummer Darren James Smith, Billy Talent guitarist Ian D’Sa as well as members from Sum 41, Monster Truck, Three Days Grace, Crowns Land and The Trews. Unfortunately, the event was not able to proceed due to the shutdowns forced by the Cover-19 worldwide pandemic.

Sleaze Roxx has attended a number of concerts at The Music Hall Concert Theatre including the Killer Dwarfs and Danko Jones.

The following message was posted on The Music Hall Concert Theatre‘s Facebook page back on June 1, 2020:

“Hey everyone,

The time has come. It is with the saddest heart that Ed and I must announce The Music Hall has been forced to close its doors. We are unable to keep up with financial obligations with zero revenue and not qualifying for any of the programs. Our landlords have made the decision to lock us out. In a time of a world pandemic, where we had no choice but to comply with government mandates, we had hoped they would work better with us considering the circumstances. Sadly, we have been beat, all our hard work has been lost on us. We have sacrificed to save lives, but there was nothing to help us save our livelihood.

What I am about to share is real and raw from our hearts. We don’t usually depict such vulnerably, but hey, what are we trying to keep a brave face for now. This is it.

We started this journey in December 2015. The first 2 years were incredibly hard. We fought a horrible reputation from a previous tenant which made it difficult to sell shows. We fought a decrepit building, where the repairs needed were from long before our residency. A leaky roof where we prayed it wouldn’t rain on a show day as there were 12 or so buckets we would put out to catch the water. We have had our challenges. We have had painfully slow weeks. We have felt like throwing in the towel 100 times. Our relationship has been tested. Our nerves have been shot. But we have always overcome whatever was thrown at us, the show always went on.

Ed and I want to personally offer our most sincere apology to our patrons, the entire music community, the agents, promoters, and artists. And to our team at The Music Hall who worked tirelessly to make it all work. We have had some very dark days the past few weeks. We know this announcement will hit hard for many of you, as if we need any more bad news these days. Just know we could not have made it 4 years without all of you. The immense gratitude, thank yous, high fives, messages, cards and letters we got from people over the years made all the stress worth it. Believe me when I say we surprised ourselves sometimes with what we had accomplished. Who gets to throw concerts and have 600 people in their living room?! And that’s what it was for us, our second home. All we can say is when the time comes and live music opens up, we urge everyone to buy a ticket to a show, buy the band’s merch, get out and support the bars, the venues, the bands, the artists. They will need you more than ever after all of this.

Much love to you all, until we meet again,

Ed and Maggie.”

Killer Dwarfs performing live at The Music Hall Concert Theatre in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada in 2015: