The New Roses drop video for new single “The Usual Suspects” from upcoming album ‘Sweet Poison’

The New Roses drop video for new single “The Usual Suspects” from upcoming album ‘Sweet Poison’

German rockers The New Roses have unveiled a video for their new single “The Usual Suspects” from their upcoming fifth full-length album Sweet Poison, which will be released via Napalm Records on October 21, 2022. The group previously released the albums The New Roses EP (2012), Without A Trace (2013), Dead Man’s Voice (2016), One More For The Road (2017) and Nothing But Wild (2019).

Track List for Sweet Poison:
01. My Kinda Crazy
02. Playing With Fire
03. All I Ever Needed
04. The Usual Suspects
05. Warpaint
06. Dead of Night
07. True Love
08. 1st Time For everything
09. Sweet Gloria
10. The Lion In You
11.  The Veins of This Town

The caption for the YouTube video indicates in part:

New album, Sweet Poison, to be released October 21, 2022!

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Get a taste of Sweet Poison with the first single “The Usual Suspects”, straight off the new album. Let the catchy chorus take you on an unforgettable ride on the highway of rock, while frontman Timmy Rough’s voice catapults you to new spheres. The amazing live performance shown in the official music video is just a glimpse of their latest touring experience – convince yourself and dive into the world of The New Roses.

The New Roses on the new single: “’The Usual Suspects’ was one of the first songs we recorded for Sweet Poison and kind of paved the way for all the songs that came after that. We all realized that we don’t wanna write about the disappointments and struggles we had to deal with during all these lockdowns and being banned from the stage. No, ‘The Usual Suspects’ made us look ahead, It helped not to forget what and who we are: A damn Rock’n’Roll band! The title says it all: We’re the usual suspects and our fans are the usual suspects. We haven’t changed, we’re not bitter. We’ll be back on the road and we keep on rocking right where we had to stop…“

The New Roses live:
20.10.22 GE – Bochum/Zeche
21.10.22 GE – Osnabrück/Rosenhof
22.10.22 GE – Aschaffenburg/ Colos-Saal
27.10.22 GE – Nürnberg/ Hirsch
28.10.22 GE – Berlin/Hole44
29.10.22 GE – Leipzig/ Hellraiser
04.11.22 GE – Stuttgart/ Im Wizemann
05.11.22 GE – Munich/ Backstage Werk
11.11.22 AT – Vienna /Szene 12.11.22 AT – Wörgl/Komma
18.11.22 GE – Cologne/ Kantine
19.11.22 GE – Wiesbaden/Schlachthof
25.11.22 GE – Hannover/Musikzentrum
26.11.22 GE – Hamburg/ Markthalle

The New Roses’ “The Usual Suspects” video: