The Poodles Sign European Deal With Blistering Records


July 9, 2009

Blistering Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish hardrockers The Poodles for the European territory.

Founded in late 2005 things moved rapidly for The Poodles with theband entering the Swedish leg of the Eurovision Song Contest which ledto the big breakthrough in their native country.

The debut album, METAL WILL STAND TALL, climbed to the top of theSwedish charts. The first single, “Night Of Passion,” went gold afteronly three weeks and platinum not long after. The band played over 100shows in Sweden before heading out on a European tour with HammerFalland Krokus that took them through 31 dates and 18 countries.

The Poodles Sign European Deal With Blistering Records

The sophomore album SWEET TRADE was released in late 2007 with thesecond single “Streets Of Fire” becoming the band’s biggest seller todate by going double platinum.

Shortly after The Poodles headed out on yet another tour aroundEurope, this time with Swiss hard rockers Gotthard. This was followedby their own headline tour in the spring of 2008 with 17 sold-outshows throughout Europe. 2008 also saw The Poodles participate asecond time in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest plus getting thehonor of performing the official Swedish theme song for the OlympicGames in Beijing, China.

On CLASH OF THE ELEMENTS the band has worked with some of the giantsin the music industry — including legendary producer/engineer MikeFraser (Aerosmith, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake). The band iscurrently on a tour that will take them all over Sweden until the endof August with a full-scale European tour to follow later in the year.The album will be released in Europe on August 28th by BlisteringRecords with promotional preparations already in full spin.

Make no mistake! The Poodles are shooting for the stars with this one!

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