The Quireboys’ 2CD Best Of Available Now


June 17, 2008

The new ‘Best of the Quireboys’ is now available from and This 2 CD collection features the hit singles plus b-sides, live rarities and unreleased demos.

Best Of The Quireboys

Best Of The Quireboys track listing:

Disc 1
1. 7 O’Clock
2. Pretty Girls
3. How Do You Feel
4. Hey You (live)
5. Sex Party (live)
6. I Don’t Love You Anymore
7. Mayfair
8. There She Goes Again (live)
9. Misled
10. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (live)
11. Tramps And Thieves
12. Ain’t Love Blind
13. Best Jobs
14. Brother Louie
15. Can’t Get Through
16. Right On Track (live at Donington 1990)
17. Long Time Comin’ (live at Donnington 1990)
18. King Of New York (live at The Town & Country Club, London)
19. White Trash Blues (live at The Town & Country Club, London)
20. Whippin’ Boy (live at The Town & Country Club, London)

Disc 2
1. Hey You (demo)
2. Man On The Loose (demo)
3. That’s Right (demo)
4. Roses And Rings (demo)
5. Take Me Home Tonight (demo)
6. I Don’t Love You Anymore
7. Sex Party (live in Japan)
8. Sweet Mary Ann (live in Japan)
9. Where Ya Been To (demo)
10. Hates To Please (demo)
11. Ton Ton M’Acoute (demo)
12. You’ll Never Make It Alone (demo)
13. You Can’t Hide From Your Heart (demo)
14. Last Time (demo)
15. Go Home (demo)
16. Best Job (demo)
17. Pleasure And Pain (demo)
18. Save Me (demo)
19. 49er (demo)
20. Mona Lisa Smiled

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