The Ragged Saints Finish Mixing Debut Album

The Ragged Saints Finish Mixing Debut Album

April 1, 2013

Finnish hard rock band The Ragged Saints have finished mixing their debut album.

“It’s cool,” says guitarist Tomi Julkunen. “We formed the band less than a year and half ago and now we are at this magical point in our career. The first album is mixed! We’ve been listening to it for a few days now and we’re amazed how good it sounds. I’m pretty sure that people who are into hard rock with bit of 80’s vibe to it will like the album a lot. We’ve already got incredible feedback and reviews on three promo songs. Like I’ve said before we are playing the music we love and if it touches other people it’s a great bonus. We are shopping around for a deal now as we have a finished record in our hands. Hopefully we get a right label to release it soon.”

The currently untitled album was mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Nino Laurenne. “We have a great relationship with Nino as I’ve known him since the late 80’s,” continues Julkunen. “He has a great track record working with bands such as Amorphis, Lordi, Finntroll and Kotipelto to name a few. He’s always been a big fan of melodic hard rock and knew exactly what we wanted the album to sound like. He saw the big picture and knew how to go that much needed extra mile. We have already talked with him about producing and mixing the second album.”

The Ragged Saints will play their first live show in April at Bar Bakkari in Helsinki with Night By Night (UK).

The Ragged Saints are Markku Kuikka (vocals), Tomi Julkunen (guitar), Toni Bite (guitar), Jukka Hoffren (bass) and Miikki Kunttu (drums). More information can be found at

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