The Riot Soul Release Debut Two Track Single

The Riot Soul Release Debut Two Track Single

December 8, 2011

Finnish rockers The Riot Soul have released their debut single, a two song affair that conatins the tracks “Kill The Rock N’ Roll Star” and “Slaves & Harlots”. The single is available for purchase through both and iTunes.

The Riot Soul are a hard rockin’ group that formed in Helsinki, Finland in 2010. The band combines hard rockin’ guitars, punky bass and screamy vocals for a blend that will knock your teeth in and make you bang your head until it rips off.

The songs take their inspiration from modern day anxiety and debauchery that makes it all easier to digest. All members — Miika Kokko (vocals), Julian McGourty (guitar), Jani Mikael (bass) and Ozzy Perkkioare (drums) — true rockers to whom making kickass tunes comes before puttin’ make-up on unlike some bands of the rock genre nowadays. So ease the seat back, put the top down, pedal to the medal and get heavy with their tunes.

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