The Rock United Release ‘Baptized In Oil’


November 28, 2008

At last, The Rock United’s new CD is ready to give plesure to your ears. The CD contains 14 songs that were recorded with producer Thomas Skogsberg two years ago.

The CD, entitled ‘Baptized In Oil’, is now available for purchase and you can sample song of the songs at If you would you like to buy the CD, send an email to and the band will tell you how to get you hands on this piece of history.

The Rock United Release Baptized In Oil

Baptized In Oil tracklisting:

01. Highspeed Cruising
02. Too Young For Stockholm City
03. Indestructible
04. Love At The Daycare Center
05. Bunker Boy
06. Cockfighter
07. El Loco Punkorocko
08. Law And Order
09. Sympathy For The Rolling Stones
10. Jolene Must Die
11. Kinkwagon
12. Hillbillyman
13. The Bad Boys Of Mombasa
14. Poetry Written In Oil

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