The Salvation Releasing ‘Auto Destructive’ Digital Album

The Salvation Releasing ‘Auto Destructive’ Digital Album

September 30, 2013

The Salvation rapidly came into the public eye in the spring of 2010. The band, including members from Negative, Private Line, Stereo Junks and V For Violence, was supposed to release their first album in the same year, but instead they broke up.

During the intensive and eventually destructive nine month journey, The Salvation went through more Spinal Tap moments than playing gigs and recording their first album. “The band signed a record deal and a management deal the week it was formed. Soon after that two near death close calls, one nervous breakdown, one of the members breaking his radius, and the bass player’s problems with working permission and conflicts with immigration office ended up in expulsion from Finland. I have no clue how the band managed to write nearly 20 songs in the middle of that drama,” says guitar player Jack Smack.

In 2012 the recordings from The Salvation’s early days were found in the achives. The songs were recorded live at Chemistry Studios at band’s rehearsals in July, 2010. These recordings were put together as an album called ‘Auto Destructive’ which will have its digital release on October 1st.

“A record which was made in two hours with big emotion,” says singer Anzi Destruction. “Some of the of the songs were written at the same time while recording. Tight, raw, honest, kick ass rock n’ roll without clean studio circumstances.”

The Salvation is not planning a reunion. The band just wanted to release these songs and share this unique moment in the band’s short history. “You can hear and feel the life we were living at that time. This is a loving memorial for Salvation’s auto destruction which happened a few years back,” continued Smack.

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