The Shrünken Heads part ways with drummer Van Calloway

The Shrünken Heads part ways with drummer Van Calloway

North Carolina rockers The Shrünken Heads have parted ways with their drummer Van Calloway and are currently looking for a replacement. The group, which describes itself as a “straightforward rock n’ roll band”, released an EP titled Raw n’ Dirty in 2017. The band is currently working on a new EP that it hopes to release in the spring of 2019.

Track List for Raw n’ Dirty:
01. Taken Over Town (Intro)
02. The Way It Is (The Way It Goes)
03. Low Life Punks
04. Rocker Chicks
05. We Don’t Care

The Shrünken Heads describe their music as follows on CD Baby: “This music is for the true rockers. The tracks are sleazy and dirty. The way rock n roll is meant to be; like it was years ago. Our music has many influences, maybe you can pick up on some of the artists, musicians, legends and bands that have made such impacts on our sound. Please visit The Shrünken Heads webpage, fb page and YouTube Channel to learn more about the band, get to know the band members and view some upcoming shows. Enjoy the sound \m/”

The Shrünken Heads‘ “The Way It Is (The Way It Goes)” video:

“The Way It Is (The Way it Goes)” The Shrünken Heads *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO*

Straight and Dirty Rock N’ Roll from upcoming EP. Original Music by The Shrünken HeadsRecorded by Giraffe StudiosVideo By B2F Productions