The Smokin’ Aces Cause a Ruckus With Their Debut Video

The Smokin’ Aces cause a ruckus with their debut video

Finland’s Smokin’ Aces stick it to popular music video stations with their debut video ‘The Ruckus” from their EP 24/7.

Sleaze Roxx’s review for 24/7┬ástates: “This is raw, aggressive barroom rock with just enough of a bluesy edge. The songwriting skills out of the gate already prove that this young band has talent oozing from their pores, and we’re expecting big things from Smokin’ Aces in the years to come. With this blistering release, Smokin’ Aces prove from the get go that they mean business.”.

Although Smokin’ Aces‘ debut EP 24/7 only came out in October 2014, the band is already hard at work on new material. Smokin’ Aces announced last month that it was starting to record vocals for a new track called “The Underdog”.

Smokin’ Aces – The Ruckus (Official Video)

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