The Treatment unable to play Stonehead Festival in UK due to frontman testing positive for Covid

The Treatment unable to play Stonehead Festival in UK due to frontman testing positive for Covid

UK rockers The Treatment consisting of lead vocalist Tom Rampton, guitarists Tagore Grey and Tao Grey, drummer Dhani Mansworth and new bassist Andy Milburn are apparently still “waiting for good luck” as they are unfortunately unable to perform at the Stonehead Festival in the UK this weekend given that Rampton tested positive for Covid.

The following message was posted on The Treatment‘s Facebook page earlier today:


It is with extremely heavy hearts that we have to tell you guys that we are unable to play the Stonedead festival today. Unfortunately, as instructed by the regulators, we took the Covid test last night, and to our dismay, Tom tested positive. We are absolutely devastated. Our van was packed, our sound man was already on site, and we have spent weeks preparing and rehearsing for this show. We can only send out our sincere apologies to all the organisers and festival goers. Hopefully we will see you on the road again in the very near future. Hope the bands and fans have a wonderful day. The Treatment. ❤️

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of The Treatment‘s latest album Waiting For Good Luck:

“Overall, I rank Waiting For Good Luck as probably the best release that The Treatment have come up with to date and that is saying a lot considering the quality of the group’s releases prior to that one. I find that the melodies on Waiting For Good Luck to be akin to the ones on The Treatment‘s second studio album Running With The Dogs, which up to this point I had considered to be the band’s best record. The one drawback with The Treatment‘s latest offering is that it does feel a tad too polished. Perhaps I like my songs a little rawer and sleazier but there is no doubt in my mind that Waiting For Good Luck is one of the best albums of the year to date.”

The Treatment‘s “Wrong Way” video (from Waiting For Good Luck album):