The Unripes Debut “You Are The One” Video

The Unripes Debut “You Are The One” Video

January 13, 2013

Italian sleaze-core outfit The Unripes have released the second video from their debut album ‘This Is Not America’, for the song “You Are The One”, an intense power ballad. The video was directed by Luca Traina and features the dark model Debbie Von D. Released on December 10th through Street Symphonies Records, the nine-song ‘This Is Not America’ is a brutal mix of growlin’ guitars and strong melodies that can be purchased at

Born as a “One-Night-Only Band” in the middle of 2005, The Unripes are a modern sleaze-core metal band from Modena (northern Italy).

“Writing for several rock webzines and magazines, and knowing the underground scene, I perfectly remember The Unripes’ first demo ‘Gutter Superstars’, released in 2007,” says Stefano Gottardi who, along with Oscar Burato, founded the label Street Symphonies Records. “At that time only the current singer and guitar player were part of the band, they were very young but their potential was undeniable. I couldn’t imagine that, in a few years, they would mature and create a brand new music scene — the sleaze-core.”

This “One-Night-Only Band” is still alive and released their debut album ‘This Is Not America’ with a renewed line-up including original members Axia and Mike Pelillo, and newest members Uncle Sappa (midnite Sun, Satuana) and Sevens (aka Luca Setti from Trick Or Treat).

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