The Unripes Ink Deal With Street Symphonies Records

The Unripes Ink Deal With Street Symphonies Records

August 20, 2012

Italian hard rockers The Unripes have inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to release their first album ‘This Is Not America’, due for release in the Autumn of 2012 with distribution being handled by Andromeda Dischi.

The Unripes offers a combination of 80’s glam/hard rock and modern metal that they describe as sleaze core. This bursting mix is well-represented by the single “Reload”, the first extract from the debut album, whose videoclip has collected more than 11,000 views in a few short months.

Earlier this year vocalist AxiA told, “The Unripes were born in 2005 when we were just kids. After many years playing, mostly near our hometown as a rock ‘n’ roll coverband, we decided to write our own songs. We built our home-recording studio and we started to record our first full-lenght in December 2011. Our first CD will be named ‘This Is Not America’ and we hope to release it as soon as possible — we just need to finish the recordings in our studio. The album will probably be released in March 2012 — I think! Actually, we don’t have any record label, and at this moment we are not even searching for one too much, coz we are really focused on making a high quality product.”

The Unripes are “Axia” (vocals), Michele “Mike P.” Pelillo (guitar), Uncle Sappa (bass, of Midnite Sun and Sutuana) and Sevens (drums, of Trick Or Treat). The band can be found at, and

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