The Upper Class Bastards Sign With Street Symphonies Records


June 25, 2009

Street Symphonies Records is pleased to announce the signing of The Upper Class Bastards. The band has just released its debut album entitled “No-Bless Oblige”. The CD is now available for order at Street Symphonies Records website –

The Upper Class Bastards Sign With Street Symphonies Records

No-Bless Oblige track listing:
1. Trip
2. Excuse My French
3. Scary Cherry
4. Burnout
5. B.A.D. (Bad Attitude Doll)
6. Slash
7. Out Of Time Hero
8. Idol Of Myself
9. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
10. Lust For Life

The project “THE UPPER CLASS BASTARDS” was born in June 2005 from an idea by singer CHARLOTTE S., combining under this label a rock band formed by:DARIO ORLANDO (electric guitar solo), PEDRO (drums), DANILO BAR (electric guitar), PAUL MCKILL (bass) and CHARLOTTE S. (voice). After recording the first promo-CD, “Crash Test”, PEDRO was been replaced by MR.GEE. Unfortunately, because of the recruitment of two members to the band, PAUL is currently busy with Adam Bomb tours in Europe, and DANILO with White Skull, resulting in further changes in the line-up. The band started to look for new components, and meanwhile decided to continue with only four elements, recruiting MATT R.S., a bass-player imported from Glasgow, that has been playing since 1993 with different bands. In June 2007 LUCA SPAGNUOLO (electric guitar) joined the UPPER CLASS. Because of some job problems with MATT R.S. in 2009, the band hired the last “bastard” ALESSANDRO SPAGNUOLO (bass guitar).The final line-up is composed of: CHARLOTTE S., DARIO ORLANDO, LUCA SPAGNUOLO, MR.GEE, ALESSANDRO SPAGNUOLO.

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Credits: several concerts in Italy and abroad, including two large opening performances (THE HOUSE OF LORDS, as a support band in their Italian tour, and GLENN HUGES, bass singer who has played with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath), four mini-tours in Switzerland (c/o Cult Bar, Reflex Club, Rock City, etc.), great reviews on-line and on the most important journals of rock and heavy metal.

“CRASH TEST”, promo-CD composed of three tracks (records c/o Sinergy Studio by Beppe Crovella) in 2005.
“NO-BLESS OBLIGE” album of 10 tracks, recorded at the Garage Studio of Max Laredo and Fabio Lombardo in 2009.

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