The Voodoo Jets’ New CD To Honor Steelheart Drummer John Fowler

The Voodoo Jets’ New CD To Honor Steelheart Drummer John Fowler

September 5, 2010

The Voodoo Jets' New CD To Honor Steelheart Drummer John FowlerThe Voodoo Jets’ much-anticipated second full-length CD is 13 sizzling tracks honoring the memory of former Steelheart drummer John Fowler.

The Voodoo Jets have announced the release of “From Greens to Eternity,” the band’s second full-length release and the first since the passing of drummer, John Fowler. “From Greens to Eternity” features 13 tracks and a raucous cover of Smokey Robinson’s “The Tears of a Clown.” Physical CD sales will be available from CD Baby, and MP3 versions will become available in September at all of the usual sites. The band’s fan base received complimentary pre-release copies in Fowler’s honor this week.

The band’s first-ever gig was on a Tuesday night in Stamford, CT at a little club called Greens–hence the CD’s title. “I wanted a name that referenced where it all began for us while showing we still have life despite John’s death,” reported Voodoo Jets co-founder Micah Sheveloff. “Frank and I took a year off just to hurt–now we got our legs back and were able to resurrect six tracks we recorded with Fowler. We added some new, very high energy stuff fueled by a great producer [Rich Spillberg, Wargasm] and mixing engineer [Jim Siegel, Dropkick Murphys]. We gave mastering engineer Nathan James all of these recordings from different times and places, he did an amazing job making it into a cohesive record,” Sheveloff added.

“This is a diverse disc–it’s almost eerie how I can remember the places and what I was feeling when we wrote some of these older songs,” said front man and bassist Francesco Perrouna. “End to end though, I am proud of this CD. It’s a slice of life’s journey for all of us, and unfortunately that included John’s passing,” Perrouna said. Greg the-new-guy Trabandt jumped in and did an outstanding job, cementing the solid rhythm section that the band had been known for. “I think it was helpful for everyone that he knew and respected John; knew what the Voodoo Jets were about before we tracked the new songs.”

“From Greens to Eternity” includes two bonus live tracks, recorded at the benefit for John’s family just after his passing. Trabandt played on those songs as well as “Cry,” “Let it Rain,” and the cover of “The Tears of a Clown,” which has already received high praise for its energy and rich harmonies.

Any plans to support the release with a tour have not yet been solidified. “We all have so much happening at the moment, we are hoping to get out and do some shows; we’ll have to see how the year plays out,” said Sheveloff.

Founded by Micah Sheveloff, John Fowler, and Francesco Perrouna in 2002, The Voodoo Jets ( and are a power pop trio consisting of keyboards, bass, and drums–NO guitars! Produced by David Minehan, The Voodoo Jets debut CD entitled “Supersonic” received critical acclaim and established the band as refined songsmiths and seasoned players. Drummer John Fowler passed tragically in 2008, and Sheveloff and Perrouna have enlisted the services of drummer Greg Trabandt for future recording and touring.

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