The Wild 80’s name ’25 Great Hard Rock Albums of the 80’s that you might have missed’

The Wild 80’s name ’25 Great Hard Rock Albums of the 80’s that you might have missed’

The new website The Wild 80’s has compiled a list of 25 Great Hard Rock Albums of the 80’s that you might have missed. Sleaze Roxx has reviewed a number of these albums in the past.

The Wild 80’s’ 25 Great Hard Rock Albums of the 80’s that you might have missed:
01. AlcatrazzNo Parole From Rock N’ Roll (1983)
02. AnthemBound To Break (1987)
03. Black N’ BlueBlack N’ Blue (1984)
04. Cold SweatBreak Out (1990)
05. Dead EndGhost of Romance (1987)
06. E-Z-OE-Z-O (1987)
07. FastwayFastway (1983)
08. Fifth AngelFifth Angel (1986)
09. HurricaneTake What You Want (1985)
10. IconNight of The Crime (1985)
11. Kick AxeVices (1984)
12. King KobraReady To Strike (1985)
13. LeatherwolfLeatherwolf (1987)
14. LionDangerous Attraction (1987)
15. MaliceLicense To Kill (1987)
16. Pretty MaidsFuture World (1987)
17. Racer XStreet Lethal (1986)
18. Rough CuttWants You (1986)
19. Smashed GladysSocial Intercourse (1988)
20. SteelerSteeler (1983)
21. Sweet PainSweet Pain (1985)
22. Sweet SavageSweet Savage (1985)
23. SwordMetalized (1986)
24. TigertailzYoung & Crazy (1987)
25. WarriorFighting For The Earth (1985)
26. White TigerWhite Tiger (1986)

In terms of Hurricane‘s album Take What You Want, Sleaze Roxx stated in its review: “Aside from the infectiously simple chorus to their biggest single, the aforementioned, “I’m On To You”, Hurricane was best known for its members more famous siblings (Carlos Cavazo and Rudy Sarzo). To write the band off for that simple reason would be selling Hurricane short however, as some of the songs included here could rival that of either Quiet Riot or Whitesnake.”

Hurricane’s “I’m On To You” video:

With respect to Kick Axe‘s debut album Vices, Sleaze Roxx opined in its review: “Vices was the first album from Canadian metal act Kick Axe — and a little gem it is too, far superior to anything else they did. Another little fact about these guys is that they did two songs for the original Transformers movie under the name Spectre General, which I rate as the best numbers they did — go figure. Vices is what you would expect from any band of this time (the mid ’80s) — big choruses, riffs galore and some nice shredding during the obligatory guitar solos. It’s not ground breaking, but it is fairly high quality stuff in the production department.”

Kick Axe’s “On The Road To Rock” video:

In regard to King Kobra‘s debut album Ready To Strike, Sleaze Roxx indicated in its review: “King Kobra was formed by drummer Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne, Cactus) after he was unceremoniously sacked by Sharon Osbourne for ‘being too big of a name.’ Appice set out to put together his own band. He envisioned himself with all blonde bandmates. That just what he did as he enlisted singer Mark Free, guitarists Mick Sweda and David Michael-Philips, and bassist Johnny Rod with Appice on drums rounding out the line-up. Producer Spencer Proffer (Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P.) entered the studio with King Kobra and the end result was Ready To Strike, a relatively strong, melodic hard rock album. Free’s performance on the album makes everything come together splendidly. He makes average songs like the sappy, predictable “Tough Guys” a better song than it actually is.”

King Kobra‘s “Hunger” video:

Pretty Maids‘ album Future World received a rave review way back in 2003 from Sleaze Roxx who stated: “Future World was the third release from the Danish quintet known as the Pretty Maids. To put it quite simply, this album rocks! Songs like “Future World”, “We Came To Rock” and “Loud ‘N’ Proud” really jam, while cuts such as “Love Games” and “Eye Of The Storm” show the bands softer side. The playing throughout the album is very strong. I’m glad that the band is still together and putting out new music, I hope one day they the recognition they deserve. I give Future World two thumbs up!”

Pretty Maids‘ “Future World” video: