The Winery Dogs release video for “Oblivion”

The Winery Dogs release video for “Oblivion”

The Winery Dogs have released a video for their song “Oblivion” from their new album Hot Streak, which was just released on October 2, 2015.

Winery Dogs CD coverSleaze Roxx recently interviewed The Winery Dogs‘ bassist Billy Sheehan who stated the following about “Oblivion”: “We actually wrote that one while rehearsing after a tour break. We have such a loyal following that there are people in the audience that have seen us several times and we thought, “why not give them something new?” I remember we wrote that at Mike Portnoy’s house. We wrote it, rehearsed it and then played it live. People responded positively to it. We really put that song under the microscope before we recorded it. It’s helpful that we played it live and worked some of the bugs out of it.”

Sheehan also commented about how the writing was done for Hot Streak: “Oh, it was similar to what we did the first time. As you go along; as a player, musician and writer — you always get new ideas. I can’t say that I documented any of the ideas but I did have them in my head. We played over 100 shows together on the last tour. We developed this instinct towards one another and how we play. So while we approached the writing for this record the same as the last time around, it was different because we had a lot of experience playing together. We experimented more. We took a lot of left turns here and there… We could have done the “smart business thing” and done the first record all over again. I think a lot of bands often do [that] but I think fans see right through that. I think we took some chances and pushed ourselves as musicians and writers.”

The Winery Dogs “Oblivion” Official Music Video

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