TheAntiLegendz release new single “Snake Girl California” for streaming

TheAntiLegendz release new single “Snake Girl California” for streaming

Belgium based TheAntiLegendz, consisting of Mikky Gray who handles all the instruments and vocals, have released a new single titled “Snake Girl California” for streaming.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Gray was asked about the inspiration for the song to which he replied: “The inspiration of “Snake Girl California” came about from a true story. I guess many men like me had ex-girlfriends who were snakes but hot sexy snakes. Most of the time, we men tend to love women who are snakes and that was the inspiration behind the song. I called the song “Snake Girl California” because my music is typically late ’80s Californian hard / hair glam rock.”

With respect to being a one man band, Gray indicated: “I always handle and handled vocals, guitars, bass, lyrics and production because where I live in Belgium, it’s very hard to find people who like that music or perform that music. Perhaps you can call me a control freak but I love taking care of all the music.”

In terms of the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on him personally, Gray noted: “Covid-19 had a positive and negative impact on me. In terms of the positive, I could finish the single and I am almost finished the new record Message From The Other Side, which should be out by September or October of this year. The negative — well, a lot of people died and I wanted to form a touring band to go on a tour for that album cause TheAntilegendz‘s music is liked in countries like South America, North America and Asia but Europe has always been difficult for TheAntilegendz.”

TheAntiLegendz‘s “Snake Girl California” single: