Theatrical glam rockers Lipstick offer free download of song “Fight Back”

Theatrical glam rockers Lipstick offer free download of song “Fight Back”

Nashville, Tennessee, USA theatrical glam rockers, Lipstick, are offering a free download of their song “Fight Back” from their second studio album Lipstick II and you can obtain it at the band’s website, which states:

“Free Download: Lipstick – Fight Back

Hello. My name is Greg Troyan. I’m the goofy looking guy with the rainbow jacket. And I have a request.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and I am former victim of child abuse. At the time, I didn’t realize I was being abused, because I didn’t know what child abuse was. I always thought, in retrospect, if I had just been aware that what was happening to me wasn’t normal, I would have called the police and gotten out of that bad situation sooner. I have a song called “Fight Back” that is about combating against abuse, and I believe it is the best recording I’ve ever done. Help me spread awareness of this issue by sharing this song. If I, as a kid, heard a song like this, I would’ve taken a stand and gotten out of my bad situation. I believe there is a kid out there who needs to hear this song, so I humbly ask you share it. Use it in a youtube video. Blast it from your speakers. Play it for your friends. And if you don’t like the song, share a different song with the same message. If we help out even one child, it is 100% worth it. Thank you. –Greg Troyan (Lipstick Vocalist)”

Lipstick frontman Greg Troyan on “How to stop child abuse”:

How To Stop Child Abuse

There’s no way to stop child abuse. But, in my opinion, as a child abuse survivor, is to spread awareness. – Greg TroyanFree Download of Fight Back:http://ww…