Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham Remembers Phil Lynott


January 5, 2009

Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham remembers departed vocalist Phil Lynott in a posting at

“We’re at that time of year again aren’t we? I still find myself getting angry with Phil for leaving us the way he did. But then I think back on the very first time he introduced me to the audience in Dublin, him knowing how nervous I was about it. It was only our 5th show together as a band and I knew only too well just how important the Dublin show was to Phil and Brian (they never stopped talking about growing up there) So I’d got it in my head that if the Dublin audience didn’t accept the “American” then I just might not make it to the 6th gig, game over baby!!

Well…he saved me for last that night, cause he knew what was going through my head. So he turns to me and winks and gives me the Phil grin and starts in with “The man on the left……wearing red…….Longest hair……from the US….. playing a Les Paul…….and (he added the US President thing a few years later by the way) it seemed like it was going on forever until finally “Scott Gorham” and the audience did get up and cheer (thank God!) I guess the relief on my face was truly visible cause when I looked over at Phil he was absolutely busting up with laughter, which made me bust out laughing (but I think that was more out of relief than anything).

But it’s little memories like that that make it so I just can’t stay angry with Phil, I never could. I truly miss my old friend and I always will, so I think I’ll go out and have a drink in memory of him tonight.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year Everyone!!!”
Scott Gorham

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