This Ain’t Hollywood concert venue in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada closing on August 4th

This Ain’t Hollywood concert venue in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada closing on August 4th

If you’ve been reading Sleaze Roxx‘s concert reviews over the last few years, you’ll have noticed that one venue that keeps coming up is This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which has hosted many bands featured on Sleaze Roxx over the years.  Unfortunately, the venue will be shutting down on August 4, 2020.

Concerts from bands such as Sven Gali, Last Bullet and The Last Vegas at This Ain’t Hollywood have been reviewed by Sleaze Roxx over the years. Other bands covered by Sleaze Roxx that have played at This Ain’t Hollywood include Anvil, Lee Aaron, Helix, Hessler and Rusted.

The following message was posted on This Ain’t Hollywood‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“THIS BAR GOES TO 11 – Thank you!!!

After 11 years of owning the property on James and Murray Avenue, we would like to inform all of you that we have sold the building. As many of you know, the property has been on the market for some time so we knew this day might come. It saddens us to inform you that this will also mark the end of This Ain’t Hollywood.

Over the last 11 years, we have been very fortunate to host thousands of shows, as well as being a strong foundation for our music community. Operating a live music venue tosses out a lot of challenges and risks. While the industry and infrastructure is changing, we felt that it was a proper time for our departure. The Covid-19 Pandemic, also brought a lot of uncertainties for the near future.

Our goal on day one was to open a neighbourhood friendly bar offering Hamilton a variety of music, and art. While we are saddened by the end of this era, we look upon the last 11 years as a truly special chapter in Hamilton’s illustrious musical story.

We want to take a moment to say thank you to our staff (present and past) who have represented us so well. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to exist as long as we have. A committed team who believed in us and uniquely sprinkled their magic to make this venue a one of a kind spot.

We also want to thank you to all of you for your tremendous support over the past 11 years. You have added so much energy and heart to This Ain’t Hollywood. Your enthusiasm definitely inspired us along the way.

While we are saddened by this announcement, we look at the memories with lots of pride, and happiness.

The closing date for the sale of the building is August 4th. At this point, we have not determined a last date for the venue but we will definitely keep you informed. Please stay tuned to our social media pages for more updates on some unforgettable farewell shows.

Live music, art installations, book launches, bingo, fundraisers, film and video shoots….. there will never be another This Ain’t Hollywood.

Lou, Glen and Jodie