Thor to release new album ‘Rising’ on February 28th

Thor to release new album ‘Rising’ on February 28th

Canadian metal rocker Thor will be releasing his new studio Rising on February 28, 2020. Thor is backed by bassist Ted Jedlicki, drummer Tom Croxton and guitarist Matt Hamilton.

Track List for Rising:
01. Wormhole
02. Defend Or Die
03. The Game Is On! (Stadium Mix)
04. We. Will. Destroy. You
05. The Rut
06. Rising
07. The Party Never Ends
08. Power Mask
09. Son of Thunder
10. Starmaster

Thor along with his band members were recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay for Canada’s The Metal Voice at the Metal Hall of Fame 2020 in Anaheim, California, USA. When asked about the musical direction on the new album versus the last album, Thor indicated (as transcribed by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “There are some pretty heavy cuts on this album like “Wormhole” [and] “Defend Or Die.”  The whole band contributed to the writing of the album. There is a song by co-producer Kevin Stuart Swain that is more of an alternative cut and very prolific. It’s called “The Party Never Ends” and he also co-wrote the title [track] “Rising.” There is also the more heavy stuff from bassist Ted Jedlicki and guitarist Matt Hamilton. Another song I wrote is  called “Power Mask.” It’s about love. When you break up with your girlfriend, you have to put on your mask, a facade. There is also a little science fiction too because I love fantasy. Two singles will be coming out. One is “Wormhole” and the other is “The Party Never Ends” so stay tuned.”

You can read further excerpts from the interview with Thor at The Metal Voice‘s website or listen below:

Thor Interview-New Album ‘Rising’ Metal Hall of Fame 2020- The Metal Voice

“New Thor Album ‘The Rising’ Feb 28 2020 will be Heavy but More VariedThor Band- Ted Andre Jedlicki BassTom Croxton DrumsKevin Stuart Swain Co-producerMatt H…