Those Furious Flames Tap Wolfmother Bassist To Produce ‘Oniricon’

Those Furious Flames Tap Wolfmother Bassist To Produce ‘Oniricon’

September 2, 2014

Swiss psych-rockers Those Furious Flames have signed with Sliptrick Records for the release of their new album ‘Oniricon’, produced by Wolfmother bassist Ian Peres.

After years of relentless touring and their last successful album , Those Furious Flames brought up ‘Oniricon’, taking us on a journey in the Greek myth of Oneiros, the personification of dream sent by Zeus as described by Homer (Iliad).

‘Oniricon’ features ten tracks whose subject are the greatest existential questions challenging man, when confronting the Universe. Concepts that have stood for thousands of years, still lacking explanations and answers, both in the real and occult world.

This new album by Those Furious Flames is due to be released by the end of October and it will be available worldwide for both digital (streaming and download) and physical distribution, as well as limited edition vinyl. More details to be disclosed soon.

Get connected with Those Furious Flames through their official Facebook page at — release party date to be announced shortly.

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